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10 Incredible Logistics Infographics And Videos

Logistics makes the world go around.

But if you work in the supply chain industry, chances are that your friends start yawning when you say what you do.

So you tell them the story of how clothing gets to the racks at The Gap. Or you explain what the 40′ containers they get stuck next to in traffic are.

We’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite supply chain and logistics infographics and videos that paint a picture of the global supply chain. There were tons to choose from so if we missed one you think we need, let us know on twitter at @freightos.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?.

So here are 10,000 words that prove, beyond any doubt, just how vast the global supply chain is:


1: Global ship traffic…from space

The ocean looks like a desolate place, until you see how active global shipping paths are. This video is incredible.

(Video by FleetMon)


2: The Life of a Shipping Container

Since 1956, the shipping container has changed global freight operations. Here’s what happens to a shipping container throughout its life…and what happens afterwards. Definitely worth a gander.



(Infographic by SouthWest Mobile Storage Units)


3: Live Global Map of Containers


MarineTraffic maintain an incredible live map of all ships in the ocean, with the ability to narrow it down to cargo ships alone. This provides some incredible insight into how vibrant global shipping is.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.53.21 PM

See the live map at MarineTraffic.com


4: The Evolution of Global Shipping

It’s not just about how far ships go, it’s also about how far they have come. By pairing up historical data with maps, an assistant history professor came up with some stunning maps that show the different in global shipping lanes since the 19th century.


(Images via Quartz and combined by Freightos)


5: The History of US Shipping

Not only the world’s largest importer, the US also has an incredible internal infrastructure that supports trade. And with a great infrastructure comes an incredible history. Check out this infographic to see how the US shipping infrastructure got started:


(Infographic via Premier Handling)


6: Arrrr…ternative shipping routes

Piracy has improved but continues to plague global shippers. Given geopolitical changes, some have taken to exploring alternative shipping lanes that could help avoid some of the more problematic shipping routes, like the Horn of Africa.

(Image, via VisionsCarto.net)


7: The Supply Chain and the Environment

Did you know that air freight damages the environment about 100X more than ocean freight does? Or that carbon levels in the atmosphere are higher than they’ve been in 3 million years? If not, you should take a look at BT’s infographic about sustainable supply chains:

(Infographic, via BT and The Guardian)


8: The Largest Planes, Trains, Trucks and Ships in the World

Ever wonder what kind of load different modes can move? Check out the vessels that are pushing the limit, both by size and by load. And yes, this does happen to be a Freightos infographic.

(Infographic, via Freightos)


9: UPS Daily

UPS is one of the largest courier shipping companies in the world, with over 400,000 employees, 218 jets and over 27,000 trailers. Check out this infographic to see the numbers behind UPS:


(Infographic, via UPS)


10: 8 Crazy Freight Facts

Did you know that every day, 52,000 tons of goods are moved in the United States? Check out that and 7 other facts that you probably didn’t know about freight here: