Competition, Freight Forwarding and Faster Freight

Succeeding as a freight forwarder means that you need to know what you are up against. Every year, the top-ten freight forwarders are increasing their market share, which is already close to half the 3PL market. With over 100,000 independent freight forwarders out there, you have to work harder than ever before to convince shippers that you are the best possible option. Take a look at some of the key figures in the infographic below to get a feel for what the competition is like.

You’ve worked hard to differentiate yourself from competition. Shippers have more choices than ever before when looking into other freight vendors or 3PLs. Make sure that you and your network of agents provide the best possible option for shippers by harnessing IT solutions to:

  • Improve quote turn-around speed
  • Reduce freight quote inaccuracy
  • Instantly include agent service in quotes you provide automatically
  • Let your agents include your sell rates in real-time, as they quote

Faster and more transparent service is a guaranteed recipe for sticking out.

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