Here’s how to get to our Jerusalem office.

Here’s how to find us.

Our offices are in Gan Technology Park in Malcha, Jerusalem, right across the street from Malcha Mall. Just typing “Freightos” into Google Maps should help you but if you prefer an address…

Rechov Agudat Sport Hapoel 1
Jerusalem 9695102

Building 1/2 (Tower), 1st Floor

Jerusalem office map

Parking and Finding the Office

Since parking within the park is tight, we recommend parking at the Malcha Mall (free for two hours) and walking across the street to Freightos. There’s also free parking near the Gan Technology Park but it’s not particularly reliable.

When parking in the mall, we highly recommend entering through this entrance so that you don’t have to walk too far.

Done parking?

  1. Walk out of the mall building near the Tiltan Gate in the Mall
  2. You’ll see a bridge that leads to a tower with a bank at the bottom.
  3. Walk in until the elevator bank and take it down to the first floor
  4. Walk into the lobby – Freightos will be on your left side.