Introducing Big Schedules

CargoSmart’s new sailing schedule platform helps you manage continuously changing schedule data that can have a significant impact on your business. The new platform leverages big data and empowers you to search for schedules faster and view live vessels in transit to gain insights for planning.

  • Single View. Multiple Sources.

    Big Schedules helps you link sailing schedules with vessels, services, and shipments, enabling you to have a single view of your ocean schedules and to visualize your shipment routes.

  • Leveraging Big Data.

    Big Schedules provides up-to-date sailing schedules for 30 major ocean carriers, over 46,000 port pairs, and nearly 5,000 vessel services. We monitor and analyze vessel data covering 90% of the world’s container capacity to provide thorough search results.

  • Powerful Results.

    Big Schedules actively searches for sailing schedules at the time you search. The data is delivered on-demand to ensure that you get the most up-to-date published results every time you search.

  • Schedule Data On-the-go.

    Big Schedules is also available as a free mobile app for you to access schedules data anytime and anywhere. You can synchronize your settings and favorite searches between your mobile and online access.

Start your search today at for live data and powerful results!

About CargoSmart

CargoSmart Limited provides global shipment management software solutions that enable shippers, consignees, logistics service providers, NVOCCs, and ocean carriers to improve planning and on-time deliveries. Connected to over 30 ocean carriers, CargoSmart leverages big data sources and a cloud-based platform to offer award-winning sailing schedules, visibility, documentation, contract management, compliance, and benchmarking solutions.

Launched in 2000, CargoSmart helps over 130,000 transportation and logistics professionals to increase delivery reliability, lower transportation costs, and streamline operations.