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Increased accuracy in freight quoting

Yes, “accuracy” should have two c’s. But that’s exactly what this post is about – the small human errors that happen at every business and end adding up into big losses for customers. When I typed “acuracy” in my browser, I got a squiggly red line drawing my attention to the fact that I got it wrong. But not every industry or field has the right tools to prevent expensive mistakes. Even when the tools exist, they are not always fully implemented.

In March 2013, the CEO of Maersk, Mr. Soren Skou, addressed the TPM Conference and said that 12 percent of container industry invoices are inaccurate. And 12% of a multi-billion dollar industry is a huge amount of money. When agents and sales teams generate complex, door-to-door price quotes off complicated contracts, you can expect mistakes and inaccuracies.

Would you do long division in your head when you had a calculator in front of you? Platforms like the Freightos auto-quote system let you easily upload your contracts, leveraging Freightos to generate quotes in 20 seconds. Doesn’t matter how many legs, modes or surcharges…Freightos can do the heavy math so that you can sit back and relax, confident that your invoice is not one of the 12% that will end up costing you far more than you expected.