Freightos LogoThe Freightos mission is to enable freight forwarders and 3PLs to automate the quoting process, whether they use their own rates or automatically buy rates from their agents on the Freightos Network. Companies using Freightos quickly see sales rise, a rise in customer satisfaction and higher levels of accuracy in quotes…within weeks.

Freightos can be rolled out so quickly because it is cloud-based logistic software. Companies don’t need expensive servers, equipment or onsite IT services to quickly roll out the system. An additional advantage is that our research and development team can add new features in real-time. Cutting to the chase, we are proud to introduce the newest Freightos Feature Update for December, 2013.

While everyone loves automated freight quotes (complex multi-modal quotes in twenty seconds…what’s not to love?), this product release focuses on improving the user experience for manual quoting, as well as some other product updates to keep the system running smoothly and quickly. Major updates included:

Templates for Manual Spot Quotes

When you input freight shipment information but don’t have automated service rates uploaded, you can now click on the manual quote button, which will create a spot quote format auto-populated with the route and shipment information you entered. These templates already include standard general service charges as well. All that’s left for you to do is to enter the specific fees and you’re good to go. Like any other Freightos quote, these manual quotes may be accessed in the “My Quotes” section.

screenshot of freight forwarding software that enables 3PLs to use templates for freight quotes

Generate Manual Rates Offers

We’ve also enhanced the manual rate offers capabilities on Freightos. Just like spot quotes, you can use standard, predefined rate templates, complete with service fees. Just add in the specific rate charges and your ready to share the rates with customers.

Screenshot of freight rate sheets

General/Leg-Specific Charges

Remember when you want to quote rates, rather than a specific shipment, use the rate offer. For air you can quote +45kg, +100kg etc. and for ocean you can quote 20’, 40’, 40’HC, 45’HC.

The rate offer page now has two sections – general rates and lane-specific rates. This makes the tables more compact and readable. You can easily add new lanes  by clicking on the “Add New Row” button on the bottom or duplicate an existing row by clicking on the red “Duplicate” button, located near each row’s comment field. You can also add new columns with additional fees.