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Back to Logistics Tech School, 2022: the Lost Peak Season, the lingering COVID impact and more

Logistics tech in 2022 has been unavoidably shaped by the two years that preceded it. The low rates that triggered Hanjin’s bankruptcy in 2017 quickly became a thing of the past, as surging demand, congestion, and a litany of global shipping catastrophes pushed ocean freight rates into the stratosphere.

Uncertainty became the byword.

Freight professionals – whether at freight forwarders, BCOs or carriers – were left wondering what tomorrow would bring. During the peak of the ocean freight congestion, in September 2021, ocean freight rates reached well over $20,000 for China – US West Coast shipping. While high, the shipping costs typically paled in comparison to the lost sales due to inventory shortages. This shaped the way BCOs approached 2022 and will likely continue to see supply chain; a new drive to ensure global freight shipping reliability at all costs. Including, of course by leveraging global freight tech for BCOs.

With the flipflops being pushed to the back of the closet, email auto-responders being reluctantly turned off and thoughts about procurement, market intelligence for 2023 tenders and Golden Week emerging, now is an ideal time for supply chain professionals to catch up on what they missed. So without further ado, here’s your:

Key Reads Logistics Tech Research and Updates for 2022


The Weekly Freight Update

Over 50,000 supply chain professionals rely on our research lead’s weekly freight rate update, which includes a data-driven overview of current freight market conditions.



The Elusive 2022 Peak Season

After an off-the-charts 2021, our research lead is joined by Accenture’s North American supply chain principal to explore 2022’s freight rates and capacity, and peak season preparation by  BCOs, forwarders, and carriers.



The Freightos Air Index

Stay informed regardless of rate volatility with the Freightos Air Index, a real-time index of air cargo prices across region pairs, individual airports, and weight breaks. Free for a limited time only.



The Independent Forwarder’s Outlook

With changing market conditions – the role of the independent forwarder is changing. In this webinar, Robert Khachatryan, CEO of Freight Right Global Logistics, shares his take on how forwarders can thrive.



Changing Trends in BCO Air Cargo Procurement

Leveraging surveys of dozens of leading multinational supply chain leaders, this report explores what BCOs value when selecting forwarders and how advances in air cargo digitization introduce speed and efficiency.


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