Cargo Comics to Lighten Up Supply Chain Professionals

Supply chain management is no laughing matter. It’s a trillion dollar industry that revolves around tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. Orchestrating the symphony of logistics companies, suppliers, retail analysis and more in order to pull off a successfully just-in-time delivery keeps professionals working around the clock…which is why, every so often, it’s important to kick back, have some coffee and laugh a little. We’ve been scouring the internet in order to find hilarious comics that logistic professionals may find chuckle-worthy.

Laughter is best shared. Iff you can think of anything we should add to this list, don’t keep it a secret – sharing is caring.

1. What does this do?

No matter where you are in the supply chain, you’re likely facing software overload or relying on way, way too much technology. Sometimes, technology can be a lifesaver (ahem…like the Freightos Online Network) but in other cases, all the features, options, lights, alarms and buzzers could cause…confusion:

2. Load Limit

Whether you’re quoting FTLs, FCLs, LCLs, multi-modal or anything else, you know how important those weight breaks or cargo limits can be. Ever wondered how they calculate those loads? Freightos uses algorithms hosted in the cloud for the calculation. Calvin’s father’s approach is a little more…utilitarian.

3. Routing

As a 3PL or a freight forwarder, you generally get your routes from carriers and quote off of them. If you’re particularly suave, you’re using a system to automate quotes and routing. Whatever it is, you better hope that the captain of the ship you are using isn’t sailing like this guy, particularly if he is steering an Triple-E class.

Gary Larson Ship chasing down other ships



4. Technology

With such tight competition, freight forwarders are doing anything they can to get a leg up over their competition. It was true when the first container ship sailed in 1956 and it’s true today, with over 100,000 independent freight forwarders competing for quotes, not to mention the top twenty multi-nationals who dominate 44% of all freight sales. Freightos technology may not go “boink” but it certainly can help you quote faster.

5. The Joy of Trucking

Have you ever been blown away by a new semi-trailer or excited beyond measure by developments in cargo shipping? You might have told a friend…who was completely and totally shocked that you would be so excited. Well, at you know that everyone will get excited by some trucks…

Lab professionals running to catch up with an ice-cream truck7. Competition

Sometimes, the only way you can beat a competitor’s quote it by squeezing in delivery a few days earlier. Let’s all be thankful that pilots in the supply chain don’t take Calvin’s approach to shaving time off delivery.

competition in the supply chain calvin lands an airplane

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