How Freightos Solved Jenray’s Shipping Headaches

As the Operations Manager for a fast-growing company, Anthony Bilancia needs to make fast and informed decisions about purchasing, sourcing, and importing to manage tight margins and demanding customers.

And freight shipping was taking way too much time. But first…

Meet Anthony

Anthony Bilancia handles the purchasing and international shipping for Jenray Products, a manufacturer and distributor of air fresheners. A proud ‘Made In The USA’ company, much of Jenray’s manufacturing is based in Yonkers, while production and packaging materials are imported from China.

When he first started, Anthony was disappointed with their (now ex-) forwarder.

“I felt like the transit times were out of control, the communication was not great, I thought they were ripping us off – which they were. I just was not enjoying the experience of working with them.  I just assumed the process would be simpler than it was. I assumed it would be something like what Freightos does.”

3 Minutes or 3 Days? The Choice was Easy

Anthony was most attracted to how Freightos showed different forwarders’ rates instantly. When quoting a job for a customer, he needs to be able to give a ballpark landed cost figure immediately. And since air fresheners aren’t very expensive, he needed options that would help reduce freight costs.

“Having competitive quotes all lined up in front of me, and quickly, was just the big seller. I type in information and get the answers I need, as opposed to waiting three days. It’s easy to make decisions and book shipments, and if there’s something I need help with, the service behind the scenes is fantastic. The value is pretty apparent.”


Easier Shipping = Better Sourcing

Anthony quickly realized that in addition to simplifying his shipping process, Freightos also helped him make better purchasing decisions.

Jenray had not been importing much; the shipping process added time and money they couldn’t waste, so they often sourced from domestic distributors – an expensive but simpler option.

But once Anthony started using Freightos, they expanded overseas purchasing and started importing 3 times a month.

“Because we got the shipping down, and I was able to quote things faster, it was easier to weigh my options of ‘Does it make sense to keep this close to home or go overseas?’ The decision is right at my fingertips.”

Raking in the Savings

Anthony is most appreciative for the time he saves with Freightos, but, of course, online freight mean saving money as well. The bottom line? Anthony estimates that he’s paying between $400-$500 less per shipment (usually air or LCL) than he did with his old forwarder. Less time, less money, more time to grow a business.