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Reducing Freight Spend with Technology

Reducing Freight Spend with Technology


Kestrel was looking to up their game with quote automation and sales management.

The result with Freightos?

  • $12,500 in monthly savings on labor costs
  • Increased win rate, coupled with a 1200% ROI
  • Higher customer satisfaction from rapid turnaround
  • Comprehensive sales management and analysis

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Instant freight quotes saved Kestrel hundreds of hours a month and $150,000 annually in labor costs. Here’s how:

kestrel-portal-logoMeet Kestrel, a liner agency and an independent freight forwarder with a global network of agents. Providing killer LCL and FCL service to the Caribbean and Latin America, Kestrel reaches 140 ports and thousands of global destinations.

Yea, that’s service to over 100,000 port pairs. Combine that with multiple archaic Excel spreadsheet pricing system, each personally developed and used by different pricing managers, complicates the process even further. And complications means slower service and higher costs.

Kestrel’s top priorities are competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. So they set out to do the impossible:

  1.  Improve their win rate
  2. Reduce their cost of sale
  3. Improve internal sales management
  4. Enhance the customer experience
  5. Institute a quote template that was actually…readable

Which is where Freightos came into the picture.

Rapid Deployment, Rapid Savings

Freightos is based in the cloud, so full deployment took less than three weeks. No software, no technicians, no hassle. An internet connection and a computer/tablet and each salesperson was ready to sell. Quick customization of the Freightos system and importing of Kestrel tariffs with Big Data algorithms…and Kestrel was ready to save big.

After short hours of training, Kestrel employees were ready to generate instant freight quotes, regardless of mode or multiple legs. And by quoting with Freightos, management was now able to gain a live and comprehensive bird’s eye view of the entire organization’s operations

How easy was it? In less than three months, Kestrel employees were using the Freightos System to generate almost 1,200 quotes a month. Fast.

Kestrel Adoption Rates

Kestrel Wins Big with Freight Rate Management

 Time is Money

Automated quotes eliminated 250 hours of labor every single month, freeing up the sales team to focus on selling, not quoting. Beyond additional revenue generated from faster sales, Kestrel saved over $12,500 a month in labor alone, a 1200% ROI. Do the math – that’s $150,000 a year!

Bird’s Eye View

With faster (and more accurate!) quotes automatically logged in the Freightos sales management tool, management could now dynamically track personal and team performance, identify key clients and more.Direct access to Kestrel’s pulse empowered decisions makers with the information crucial to success.

Faster Quotes = Happy Customers = Better Bottom Line

Rapid quote turn-around speed, together with clear templates, meant a higher win-rate and better customer satisfaction. If the first to quote is the first to win, Kestrel was a huge, huge winner.

Don’t just take our word for it. You can hear about Kestrel’s success with Freightos straight from Kestrel President Steve Keats:

Freightos has helped us tremendously by organizing our tariff and quote management. I don’t know how we could grow our business without their support.

Steve Keats, Kestrel Logistics

In order to help Kestrel focus on their customers, not their internal processes, Freightos provided constant support, from live chat and emails to on-site visits. Priced more competitively than any product on the market and boasting powerful, patented big data algorithms that quickly crunch even the most complex routes, Freightos helped Kestrel soar higher than ever.

And we’re not done yet.

Sometimes speeding up internal quoting just isn’t enough. Every logistics manager knows that agent quoting can slow quoting down by hours, even days. As a matter of fact, a recent freight study found that multi-leg quoting routinely takes over a week. In a connected world, customers expect services instantly, not a week later. One agent in another time zone can slow a ready-to-ship quote by hours, not days.

In order to bring agent quoting up to the same fast-paced speed that Kestrel now quotes at, the company is in early stages of connecting its agents to the Freightos Network. Once on the network, Kestrel will be able to link automatically with carriers, forwarders and shippers, automating quotes across their entire network.

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