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The Shipper Freight Customer Journey

September 30, 2014 | Eytan Buchman

Image courtesy of Apple The iPhone 6 Plus is an amazing cellphone. If you’re an Apple fan, a couple of months ago you may have started to read about the phone. As a power Apple user, you started to get...

5 Hot Social Media Tips for 3PLs

June 30, 2014 | Eytan Buchman

Just because you sell freight doesn’t mean you don’t need to use social media to sell too. Did you know that 30% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn for research? And it’s not only LinkedIn – almost...

Startup Lessons For Logistics

March 4, 2014 | Eytan Buchman

You’ve probably read that WhatsApp, a mobile messaging platform, was recently bought by Facebook for $19 billion dollars. That’s roughly five years worth of profits for Maersk, the carrier giant that carriers 15% of the...