Freightos Customer Stories

Discover how Freightos is powering frictionless global trade through the lens of our customers.

Parker Baby Talks Small Business Shipping

Parker Baby is a longtime user with insight into streamlining supply chain operations. They joined us with actionable tips for importers


Price Busters Furniture

See how Freightos provides smoother freight through a balance of technology and personal service.


Code&Quill’s 21st-Century Solution to an Age-Old Problem

For Code&Quill's shoestring team to get things done smoothly, they needed a 21st-century solution to logistics.


How Freightos (and Oprah) Built KJ’s FBA Business

When Oprah discovered KJ's products, it shot his FBA sales through the roof. But he needed a logistics solution that could keep up.


How Tearrible Instincts Delighted Dogs Worldwide

Sanja had a killer idea, incredible Kickstarter backing, and boxes of good in China. For the freight magic, she came to Freightos. Here's the story.


How Freightos Solved Jenray’s Shipping Headaches

There are better ways to spend your day than stuck on the phone with forwarders. Here's how Jenray's Anthony Bilancia saved time...and money.


Sysco Foods: Case Study

How Sysco, a Fortune 500 leader, saves time and money with smarter freight management and pricing.


Buffalo Games

See how Buffalo Games got an award-winning hit Christmas game into shops on time with Freightos support.