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First Impressions and Freight Sales

Before you started in the freight business, you likely spent days researching how to prepare for the perfect interview. You read about what to wear, prepared for specific questions, brushed up on your incoterms, came with a printed copy of your resume on perfumed paper…and then you read the same article that everyone else has read too. Make a good first impression. 

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How NOT to make a great impression. Courtesy of Flickr.
A quick Google search about first impressions will show you some pretty amazing facts:
  1. The University of Illinois says that your first impressions is 55% about your appearance, 38% your tone of voice and 7% your content. 7% percent!
  2. Research at New York University (NYU) discovered that accurate and persistent evaluations are created after less than thirty seconds!
  3. Not to be beaten, researchers at Princeton University found that exposure to a face for even a tenth of a second is enough for people to make inferences about a person’s character.
  4. Made a bad impressions? You may be stuck with it. The University of Western Ontario discovered that if you make a bad impressions, positive impressions in following encounters will be perceived to be exceptions rather than the rule.
You get it. First impressions are important. Retail stores got this memo too. When you walk into a Gap in any mall across the US, you’ll be greeted by a smiling 21 year-old who will cheerfully welcome you in.
Your freight business shouldn’t be any different. With so much competition, sometimes the user experience makes the entire difference. I go to the same barber every couple of months because he remembers my name. I don’t care that he charges an extra couple of bucks. Your website is a first impression for a client. So is your secretary when someone calls. But the most important first impression is the first time a client sends in an RFQ or asks for rates. If it takes you a day, or even 5 hours, to get a quote back, that client’s first perception of you is not going to be one of instant gratification.
So why not step up you your first impression? Check out a freight IT Solution that will help you quote in minutes to any client, online or on the phone, so that you can make sure they keep on coming back, again and again and again. Hey, it works for my barber.