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Your Guide To Free On Board (FOB) Shipping in German: Meaning, Incoterms & Pricing

What is FOB shipping, how does it differ from other incoterms, and when should you use it? Find out everything you need to know in this easy-to-understand guide.

Incoterms im Klartext: Ein Frachtführer

Incoterms are critical for shipping but are also very confusing. Here’s some clarity.

FCA Incoterms 2021 & FCA Shipping Terms

Part of the Comprehensive Incoterms Guide   What Is FCA In Shipping Terms For FCA (Free Carrier) shipping, the seller arranges most or all of the export country stages (e.g. customs, trucking within the export country). The buyer arranges all other stages to the cargo’s ultimate destination. Where Is The Named Place For Handing Over […]

DDP Shipping, Incoterms & Calculator

Part of the Comprehensive Incoterms Guide   DDP In Plain English Where Is The Named Place For Handing Over Responsibility From The Seller To The Buyer? What Does The ICC Say? Is This A Good Choice? DDP Tips And Tricks DDP Cost Calculator What is DDP Shipping? For DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping, the seller […]

CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To) Shipping Incoterm

Part of the Comprehensive Incoterms Guide   What Does CIP Mean in Shipping? CIP (Carriage And Insurance Paid To) means that the seller is responsible for delivery, delivery costs, and insurance costs of the goods until they are transferred to the first carrier tasked with transporting the goods. Once this delivery takes place, the buyer […]

HS (Harmonized System) & HTS (Harmonized Tariff System) Code Lookup & Finder

Quickly find international freight HS codes used for US imports with this Harmonized System finder.

US Import and Customs Duty Calculator

Calculate an estimate of US customs charges applying to import duties with this Import Duty Calculator.

Understanding Customs: How to book customs on

Understanding Customs: Important details

Understanding Customs: Types of customs fees

Understanding Customs: Do I need a broker?

Understanding Customs: What documentation do I need?

Understanding Customs: What are customs duties?

Understanding Customs: Introduction

US Customs Guide: Customs Rules & Regulations, Requirements, Charges & More

Feeling overwhelmed by customs duties – the paperwork, the requirements, the regulations, the ever-changing rules? You’re not alone.  More than half of the questions we get from our customers are about customs. That’s why we made these videos.  Watch to learn more: What are US customs duties? Paperwork & documents Do I need a customs […]

Guide To (3PL) Third Party Logistics Providers: Companies, Distribution, Fulfillment & More

What is 3PL Fulfillment? E-commerce delivery can seem like a paradox.  It’s complicated, but must look simple. It’s a long process, but must look quick. A lot of companies are involved, but it has to feel like one person is steering with all the parts moving in perfect unison. Intimidating, right? But it doesn’t need […]

Navigating Shipping Volatility & Supply Chain Shipping

If you’ve been shipping goods internationally during the pandemic, you already know that prices have gone a bit haywire. Around 90% of goods sold globally are moved by ocean freight. But getting stuff from where it’s made to where it’s sold involves a surprising number of stakeholders, documents, forms, and abbreviations. This can be daunting […]

Commercial Invoice for US Customs

What Is A Commercial Invoice For Shipping? If you’re an e-commerce importer or exporter, you’re probably already well aware of the online shopping boom. E-commerce sales are skyrocketing and with many SMBs looking to save money by sourcing goods overseas, demand for shipping capacity from Asia to Europe and North America is exploding. When shipping […]

How to Make Customs Clearance Painless

Customs can seem complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. Adam Lewis of Clearit joined us to explain everything you need to know to clear customs smoothly. Got your customs questions answered? Check out freight rates – for free!  

SMB Freight Shipping Tips from our Customer Success Expert

For those of us that have been in freight shipping for more than a year, the current conditions are a bit bewildering. If you’re also wondering what in the world is going on and how to manage your shipping supply chain then keep reading for a quick rundown of the situation and some super actionable […]