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Guide To (3PL) Third Party Logistics Providers: Companies, Distribution, Fulfillment & More

What is 3PL Fulfillment? E-commerce delivery can seem like a paradox.  It’s complicated, but must look simple. It’s a long process, but must look quick. A lot of companies are involved, but it has to feel like one person is steering with all the parts moving in perfect unison. Intimidating, right? But it doesn’t need […]

Navigating Shipping Volatility & Supply Chain Shipping

If you’ve been shipping goods internationally during the pandemic, you already know that prices have gone a bit haywire. Around 90% of goods sold globally are moved by ocean freight. But getting stuff from where it’s made to where it’s sold involves a surprising number of stakeholders, documents, forms, and abbreviations. This can be daunting […]

Commercial Invoice for US Customs

What Is A Commercial Invoice For Shipping? If you’re an e-commerce importer or exporter, you’re probably already well aware of the online shopping boom. E-commerce sales are skyrocketing and with many SMBs looking to save money by sourcing goods overseas, demand for shipping capacity from Asia to Europe and North America is exploding. When shipping […]

How to Make Customs Clearance Painless

Customs can seem complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. Adam Lewis of Clearit joined us to explain everything you need to know to clear customs smoothly. Got your customs questions answered? Check out freight rates – for free!  

SMB Freight Shipping Tips from our Customer Success Expert

For those of us that have been in freight shipping for more than a year, the current conditions are a bit bewildering. If you’re also wondering what in the world is going on and how to manage your shipping supply chain then keep reading for a quick rundown of the situation and some super actionable […]

FEU Shipping Containers and International Freight

Get to know your way around a shipping container and learn just how much freight one can actually hold.

Coronavirus & Freight Shipping Delays: Get Ready in 2021

It’s been a turbulent year in freight.  To get you ready to succeed in 2021, we’re taking a look at what happened and laying out what lessons we’ve learned. Whether you shipped internationally for the first time in 2020, or were a seasoned importer before COVID-19 hit the world stage, chances are you’ve experienced a […]

Logistics Providers: VOCCs, NVOCCs, Customs Brokers, and more.

In this guide we are taking an in-depth look at various logistics providers in freight shipping to help you decide what you need to keep your freight friction free. What is a Logistics Provider? Big shipping companies, like Maersk, typically work with large importers (like IKEA and Target) or importers shipping at least a few times […]

The Freightos FBA Freight Pricing Index

Planning international freight for e-commerce is hard. And in many cases, it can make the difference between profitability or losses. Of the over 10,000 small businesses that use to compare, book, and manage freight, many are e-commerce sellers shipping directly to fulfillment centers, Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) or otherwise. Depending on the product, freight can account […]

Freight Quotes and Costs

You want to import a new product, but before placing an order with your supplier, you first want to know what the total cost of shipping will be. But that is easier said than done. Freight quotes generally include much (much) more than just the freight rate and can also fluctuate depending on the season, route, […]

Supply Chain Management Guide: Process, Planning & Strategy is privileged to work with leading edge companies across the globe that use our marketplace platform to access digital freight shipping with transparent pricing and robust customer support.  Take for example Nolk.  Meet Nolk Nolk are digital first brand architects that leverage proprietary Genius Wire technology to identify, curate, acquire, and amplify bold new brands. […]

Freight Shipping Logistics and Digital Freight

Digitalization and automation are making freight shipping easier and more transparent than ever before—and is leading this transformation.   

Peak Shipping Season 2021: Tips From The Experts

2020 was a topsy-turvy year in the world of freight – and in the world in general – but there are some things importers can always rely on. For example, peak season.  If you’re a small e-commerce business, getting ahead of peak season in 2021 can make a big impact on your bottom line. We […] &

Alibaba & Freightos & Shipping & Logistics Partners Shipping with has never been easier. Thanks to a new partnership, shippers can now easily book and manage their shipments using Freight Powered by Freightos. It’s just another way that is bringing smooth shipping to importers around the world. When […]

Understanding Customs Clearance Procedures: Potential Customs Clearance Issues, Delays, Failures & More

Avoiding Customs Clearance Delays & Issues Importing globally? Customs can take a long time to learn, so this guide isn’t intended to turn you into a customs expert. What it will do is make you into a more empowered and informed importer so that you will know the right questions to ask and how to […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Trucking: LTL Vs. FTL And Other Key Trucking Concepts

If you are into the business of shipping goods all over the United States by truck, cost, on-time delivery, and the security of your shipment are the three factors that will likely keep you up at night. And while there are various approaches to shipping goods and calculating the cost and all other logistics associated […]

Our Guide To Partial Truckload Shipping

If you’re not as of now utilizing partial truckload, you may not realize it exists, due to how immensely underutilized it is by shippers, surprisingly, it may even offer the most advantages. Partial truckload is the forgotten middle child between less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL). It is occasionally called “volume LTL” by […]

How To Calculate And Understand Trucking Rates

As any number of logistics and trucking experts will tell you, the trucking market is complicated. Learn how to calculate truck shipping rates, why they’re important & more here.

What is trade financing in international trade?

Everything you need to know about trade financing for international freight, including terms for securing financing, typical interest conditions, key terminology, and more.

Top Five Small Business Freight Shipping Mistakes & Errors

Freight shipping. In theory it doesn’t sound thrilling, but in fact, it can actually be really exciting to move goods around the world, creating something thousands of miles away and delivering it to happy customers. However, freight shipping can be complicated. That means you can run into snags that end up costing you time and […]