Der Versand ist komplex. Wir machen es Ihnen mit optimierten Tools und Funktionen leicht, die auf Abruf alles bieten, was Sie brauchen, um unsere Technologie und Daten zu nutzen.
In diesem Abschnitt finden Sie kostenlose Frachtrechner, ein unübertroffenes Frachtlexikon, Nachschlagetabellen, Karten und einfache englische Anleitungen, die Sie in wenigen Minuten zum Versandexperten machen.

How the Coronavirus is Impacting Shipping: Air Freight, Trucking, and More

Last updated: April 2, 2020 08:00 GMT How coronavirus is impacting the economy and the global supply chain The coronavirus outbreak continues to be profoundly disruptive to the global supply chain, especially as the US and many European countries are now battling to stop its spread.  Though Chinese manufacturing has reportedly rebounded in most of […]

Kubikmeterrechner für CBM-Versand

Calculate shipment volume in cubic meters or cubic feet with this free CBM calculator.

Seehafen Code Finder

Easily search and find the seaports and their UN/LOCODE, whether they’re in China or Chi-town.

Verrechnungs- und Raum-Gewichtsrechner

Instantly calculate dimensional weight and chargeable weight for any air, ocean, courier or truck shipment.

Landed cost: Das Verständnis der Produktkosten und Rentabilität

Need to know the landed cost of all of the goods that you sell, in addition to understanding the correct way to calculate it? Our guide will help you do both! No accounting degree required.

Incoterms im Klartext: Ein Frachtführer

Incoterms are critical for shipping but are also very confusing. Here’s some clarity.

Amazon FBA Frachtratenrechner

Get instant global import prices, directly to Amazon FBA warehouses, from around the world.

Frachtversand- und Transitzeitrechner

Instantly calculate freight transit time for air, ocean and trucking shipments, banking on aggregate Freightos shipping data.

Ocean Freight Peak Season Tracker – Free Alerts

2019 peak ocean freight season is here. Add tariffs to the mix and things are even more complicated. Using our Freightos Baltic Index data, we’ll send you an email alert whenever 40’ container prices fluctuate by over 7% on China – US trade lanes. Why 7%? We looked at historical data and found that this […]

Trump Tariffs: US-China Trade Tariffs

The new China-US tariffs: enough to strike fear into the hearts of importers large and small. Whether you’ve already been hit with a tariff or are biting your nails waiting for the next list to come out, we’re here to help clear up confusion and offer tips for saving wherever possible. We were thrilled to […]