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Importing From China: An Introduction

Starting out, or simply looking for a better way to import from China? Here’s an overview of what to expect when reading through the chapters of the Experts Guide To Importing From China.

Product Research

This chapter covers how to research for a product that will be profitable for you. Irrespective of whether you sell on Amazon or not, it provides many great opportunities for product and market analysis.

Safety Standards & Labeling

Finding the right product is more than just profits. This chapter walks you through the customs ricks of sourcing and some guidelines to help source products in compliance with common regulatory requirements.

Importer & Customs Responsibilities

As the importer of record, ultimate responsibility for accurate classification and customs declaration lies with, well, you. This chapter provides a brief overview of important things to look out for, like intellectual property, classification, and the basics of navigating customs

Customs Duties

Import tax rates to the US range from 0%-18%, which can play a huge role in sourcing and importing the right product. This chapter walks you through the basics of estimating duties, as well as common mistakes importers make.

OEM & ODM Manufacturing: Meaning, Differences, Advantages & Disadvantages

If you’re making your own product, you’re probably doing it in one of two ways – either fully original product manufacturing or easier design changes, more commonly known as private labeling. This chapter walks you through the basics of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufacturing.

Types Of Suppliers

Since you’re not crafting, welding, or injecting your product yourself, you’re going to need a supplier. This article breaks down the three categories of suppliers – trading companies, wholesalers, and manufacturers, with tips on choosing the right one for your product.

Sourcing Channels

How do you find the perfect supplier with the perfect product? This chapter provides an overview of sourcing channels, including digital marketplaces, trade shows, agents, providers, and more.

Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a phenomenal way to find the right supplier…or a huge waste of money. Here’s how to find the right shows to visit, prepare correctly, not get lost in the noise, and walk out with a plan of action.

Supplier Marketplaces

Online sourcing marketplaces have changed the way companies source products. This chapter discusses the core advantages of some major platforms. while providing advice on how to search correctly and communicate effectively with potential suppliers.

Supplier Process Steps

This chapter provides an overview of the entire sourcing process, leading up to the actual importing. In addition, it also discusses some key tips around ensuring quality assurance, like leveraging trial orders or samples.

Negotiating Strategy

Negotiating correctly will determine the success of your sourcing endeavor. This chapter provides an overview on key negotiation components – price, payment terms, lead time, and contract terms, as well as negotiation tips.


Got your sample? Don’t rush through this. This chapter dives into approving the sample, negotiating your first order, reaching contract terms, and formalizing the agreement.

Quality Control

With so much competition, manufacturers and warehouses do typically try to provide optimal product quality. But, as we all know, quality issues do happen. This chapter guides you through defining and communicating product quality issues, when to inspect the goods, and when to involve QA experts.

Payment Methods

At this point, it’s all about the money. In this chapter, you’ll learn how companies typically pay for their sourced goods, with information on making advance payments and post-production payments.

Relationship Building

While it may feel purely transactional, building up a relationship with a supplier is key to scaling your business. Here are some guidelines for how to start on the right foot and keep it that way, all while ensuring your own interests too.

Freight Process Steps

Feeling confused? Here’s the entire process of managing your international freight shipment, from mapping out your needs and finding the forwarder, to checking in during the process.

Freight Forwarders

What is a freight forwarder anyway? Here’s exactly what a freight forwarder should do, the scope of services they provide, and how to find the perfect one for your shipment.

Request For Freight Quote

When you buy a car, you know whether you’re looking for a convertible or a minivan. Similarly, there’s some basic information you should arm yourself with before you start looking for freight quotes or providers. It’s all laid out, right in this chapter.

Mode Selection

The equivalent of „To be or not to be“ in freight is „air, ocean, or express?“ This chapter walks you through the factors to consider when choosing your mode, with rules of thumb for making the right choice.

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