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Social Media Savvy Supply Chainers


If you’ve read our post about our favorite supply chain bloggers, you’d know that we are huge fans of leveraging all the information that’s out there to get smart. But with all the fluctuations in the freight, sometimes you just need to get information quickly. And that’s why Twitter can be huge (if you recall, Twitter has warned people of earthquakes before they even felt it). 

While much of the freight world can be a little, well, apprehensive of technology, there are still enough supply chain experts to keep us checking our Twitter feed every 30 seconds or so. As a public resource, we’re glad to share our full Twitter list of the people you should be following.
This is the list that we have cultivated (and feel free to drop us a line if you have a FANTASTIC recommendation). Go ahead and follow it:
And of course we have our personal favorites too…So if you’re not into lists, go ahead and follow these people:

Logistics Tweeters We Dig

Logistics Matters
Martijn is a great resource because his experience in the industry has helped him cultivate a stellar list of his own resources that he shares intelligently online. If things are happening in the logistics world, chances are you’ll see it on his feed first. You should also check his blog out…and chances are you’ll also run into him at a logistics show. He gets around.
steve brady scm professor
Steve rocks a PhD in business administration and actually was a professor. Like others on the list, he also maintains a blog but the real gem are his tweets, mostly because he’s not afraid to express his own opinions, focusing mostly on the supply chain but dropping references to anything from cellphones to politics. He has legit experience that is very, very apparent in his tweets.
It’s kind of unfair to put Peter on this list because his entire job is to know what’s going on in the logistics world. He is the content officer of the Journal of Commerce and he has the goods to show for it. An active tweeter, Peter shares content from all over the place instead of just shilling JOC content. Follow him. You won’t regret it.
If you follow our blog, you’ll know one sentence from a post by Lora was the foundation for an entire blog post. A veritable fountain of supply chain information, Lora gets social media. She interacts instead of only spewing information, posts a couple of dozen times a day and provides real value with her posts.
The reason we started following Adrian’s blog was because he has a tendency to post awesome videos on his weekly roundups. But we stayed for his content. And like the other people on this list who have cracked the social media code, he’s all about interactions, giving as much as he takes. It helps that his main focus as a supply chain consultant is IT – definitely gives him a better handle on the technology behind Twitter.

Honorary Mentions

Sometimes corporate social media accounts can get a little…stale. We would be remiss if we didn’t give credit where credit due for a couple of companies that clearly know what they’re doing:
The Loadstar is one of our favorite freight websites…for good reason. Their website actually looks like it was designed in the last couple of years, which already puts them miles ahead. Their content stays fresh and they write engagingly enough that I actually squeeze in time to read their articles between Buzzfeed.
Shift Freight are freight forwarders. But they have some crazy online skillz. They present themselves as freight forwarders for the modern era and with the amount of engagement they see online, they place.