90% of everything we eat, wear or use is shipped…

But freight is stuck in the ’90s. The Freightos Marketplace and freight rate management platform are game-changers.

And we’re always looking for passionate team players to help us.

Customer Service Associate

Barcelona, Spain · Full -Time · Intermediate

About The Position

WebCargo digitizes global freight sales for over 2,000 of the world’s largest logistics providers and carriers. Or, in plain English, we help move the world, offering incredible technology that powers almost a third of the global air cargo market.

We’re not alone either. WebCargo is a proud part of the Freightos Group, a logistics technology company that aims to make global trade frictionless. That’s not cheap, so we’ve raised nearly $100 million from investors like GE Ventures, the Singapore Exchange and Aleph, making and have gotten the BBC, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal excited about freight.

As one of the largest tech platforms for a huge industry (the phone or computer you’re reading this on was, after all, shipped), we’ve been crushing it with double-digit growth, year after year. 

Since we aim for the sky (air freight tech company and all…), we’re now bringing all air cargo bookings online with eBookings, creating the world’s largest live air freight platform with companies like United Airlines, Air France, IAG, Lufthansa , Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and others.

And it’s working. How well? Well enough that we need more people on our team to help manage all the eBookings. Yes, this is a great problem to have. 

As our Customer ServiceAssociate (or Superstar of the Sky, if you prefer a hero name), you’ll help manage the very, very rapidly growing number of eBookings. Which means you’ll:

  • Monitor all eBookings placed on-platform like a hawk to ensure that every bit and byte of data is transferred effectively from the freight companies on our platform to the airlines. Yes, there’s a lot of tech involved but trust us, we’ll help you learn how to use it. 
  • When you’re moving EVERYTHING in the world, things happen. But that’s why you’re there. Like a Shiping Sherlock Holmes, you’ll track and investigate eBookings issues. When things go wrong, you’ll ring the alarm bells, escalating appropriately to the right people.
  • Customers come first (once we’ve had coffee). You’ll be there on the front-line, as the point of contact for our users, following up with them to ensure that everything goes so well when they eBook, they prefer to book air freight than hang out at pool parties. As a matter of fact, they’ll enjoy it so much that they’ll come back and book again. 
  • As you gain on the ground insights, you’ll document feature requests and help prioritize our roadmap. Trust us, it feels amazing when you get to tell a customer something they asked for is being developed. Cherish it. documenting feature requests for Product Management.
  • We love our airlines too. So you’ll serve as the point of contact for airlines to resolve any technical or operational discrepancies related to eBookings. 
  • Like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, you’ve got a friend. Together with our User Engagement Specialist, you’ll help automate communication and streamline on-platform training.


  • From Arkansas to Argentina, Stolkholm to South Africa, our customers are everywhere. You have up to a year of experience being in contact with clients around the world (Customer Service, Project Management or similar).
  • When you’re talking about this scale, that unicorn paper notebook won’t cut it. You’ll need at least one year of experience using software to manage tasks and/or support tickets such as Zendesk or Intercom
  • Methodological, organized and detail-oriented. 
  • Fluent English speaker and writer. Kapiche?

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Logistics or supply chain skills would be great. And no, ordering stuff on Amazon doesn’t count.
  • Experience in a fast-growing business.
  • Additional European languages, ideally French or German. 
  • Experience with ticketing software such as Zendesk or Intercom.

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