How do you know if your logistics pricing and performance is competitive?

Thousands of companies use Freightos Data’s custom market intelligence reports to stay informed on market developments, and understand how their logistics costs and performance compare to their competitors and the market at large.

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"We love the data! We took it around the organization to show off the quality. Freightos is our personal favorite on my team." - Alex Boyd, UPS Global Freight Forwarding

Perfect pricing market intelligence on global air, ocean, and multimodal shipping, updated daily.

Improve negotiations and ensure business efficiency with full door-to-door price trends, whether shipping by air or ocean, driven by actual transactional rates.

Volatility. Controlled. Regardless of how you ship.

Global freight is one of the most volatile, yet opaque, commodities in the world. Transform your organizations' negotiations and decision making with incredibly granular data across modes (air, ocean, and trucking), whether loose cargo or full container loads. It's the data you need to make time-sensitive decisions.

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Global freight data that represents the market today, not last month.

Freight pricing and market conditions change fast, especially as global trends accelerate volatility. Freightos Data keeps you ahead with the world's largest real-time freight data repository, fed by actual rates from the FBX (Freightos Baltic Index), - the world's largest freight marketplace - and more. So your decisions represent reality.

Benchmarking Carrier Digitization [Video]

Get a deeper look, with Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber, at our latest benchmarking report ranking digital progress of the world's top 30 air and ocean carriers.


Sysco Foods: Case Study

How Sysco, a Fortune 500 leader, saves time and money with smarter freight management and pricing.