Freight Rate Calculator

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Instant freight rate estimates for ocean, air and trucking (LTL/FTL) shipments.

Planning procurement? Calculating importing and exporting costs? The freight rate calculator gives shipping estimates in seconds, including door to door shipments. FBA seller? Use our dedicated Amazon FBA freight calculator.

About the Freight Rates Calculator

Unlike any other freight rate estimator, Freightos’ calculator uses real freight data to calculate instant, all-in freight quotes, including surcharges and freight costs. Our data is based on live freight rates from dozens of global forwarders, helping us provide you with accurate, real-time quotes.


What’s Included in the Estimated Rates?

The Freight Rate Calculator includes all fees and surcharges available for trucking, air and ocean shipping. It does not include customs associated with specific commodities. Since this calculator is unique in that it relies on live data from real freight companies, it may not have global coverage for every route you search.

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