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Hear Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber discuss digital innovation and its impact on freight shipping on a panel with other innovators.

Event Summary (via Journal of Commerce):

Digital innovation is coming to the container shipping world and it has the potential to significantly change how business is done. There already are multiple examples of how the Internet is altering business practices but arguably what we’re seeing today is just the beginning of what could be a massive transformation. Internet-based forwarders are creating Expedia-like platforms for booking ocean freight; tracking devices to monitor containers are coming down in price, allowing for startups such as the CMA CGM and MSC-funded TRAXENS to potentially revolutionize real time, at-sea track and trace. Data on container shipments increasingly exists in the cloud, enabling it to be sliced and diced to unlock incremental, unprecedented levels of value. Given the rampant inefficiency that exists throughout the international container supply chain — whether in the form of ship or cargo delays, under-utilization of terminals and other assets, and excessive inventory levels due to mandatory buffer stocks — the opportunities for shippers, carriers, forwarders and others is extraordinary. This panel will present cutting-edge thinking on how digitization has begun transforming the container supply chain.