February 28 – March 6, 2014

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1. US Navy Prepares for REAL Cold War

Arctic weather patterns are forcing the US Navy to bulk up its operations in the Arctic in 2020, given predicted growth in traffic, fishing and mining activities.

2. Planning in Vain

The US Navy plans may be unnecessary, contends an Arctic Institue report. While more shipping routes will be available, they won’t be viable enough to contend with the global super-lanes.

3. Not Forgetting Other Cold Wars

Political and military tension in Ukraine may have spiked…but Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure reported that shipping operations are continuing as normal. Almost 23 million tons of cargo have left Ukrainian ports this year.

4. Drewry Report Reins in Optimism

While many are predicting 4%-6% growth in container shipping this year, Drewry Maritime Research is sticking with a more modest 2% prediction of growth.

5. Soggy Smokes

Remember last week, when we talked about a Maersk ship’s lost cargo? Well, a FEU with 14 tons of cigarettes has washed up on the coast of East Devon in the UK. 11 million cigarettes remained in their boxes though, as officials blocked off beach access.

6. Under the Sea

There’s more than floating containers in the ocean, though. Check out CNN’s special report on the undersea cables that transfer internet data…way, way faster than freight shipping could ever dream of.

7. Fighting Off the Drone Army

While that may leave you feeling techy, many in the shipping industry are not fully bought in to technology. Rolls Royce drone ships are now being hotly debated, with many chiming in on their disadvantages.

8. People May Be The Problem

Drone ships do have one advantage. They’ll never steal your cargo. Unlike the thieves in Spain who have been hiding inside of “fragile” boxes, only to break out while in a truck, steal from other boxes and make a get-away after their friends bring the truck to a stop. Ocean’s 11, anyone?

9. What We Can Learn From the Real Thieves

Ever wonder what it takes to succeed in illegal drug sales? This interview discusses the amazing supply chain that fueled Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Leora’s drug trafficking success. Until, of course, he got arrested. That will mess up any chain.

10. How Strong Are Those Jets?

Ever wonder how powerful the jets on jumbo airplanes are? The same jets that move your air cargo around can also…flip over a car or school-bus. And that’s a fact. Just ask the Myth Busters:


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