FastFreight: Weekly Summary February 13-20, 2014

February 13 – February 20, 2014

FastFreight is a weekly review summarizing the ten major events or stories of the past week in logistics and the supply chain. We know you’re busy so each post is under 400 words. Enjoy! Want to get this to your inbox? Be sure to sign up from the right sidebar!

1. Frosty retail and shipping economy via @PDavidsonusat

Weather got you shivering? It’s also put a freeze on retail and the supply chain, with weather snarls creating a ripple effect from trucks backed up at ports to closed plants waiting for supply deliveries.

2. Why are pirates so awful? They just ARRRR’

The Baltic and International Maritime Council, which represents 65% of global tonnage, is demanding that the UN’s Laws of Sea be more forcibly applied. This despite the lack of any successful pirate attack since May 2012 (Captain Phillip withstanding).

3. Cargo…in space! via@@BrandonBailey

The space transportation industry just got a little more crowded. After acquiring 8 robotics companies this year, Google is negotiating to lease a gigantic hanger from the US Navy for “aviation and rover/robotics” research.

4. Amazon’s FAA fine and how little it means via @agreilingkeane

Amazon got hit with a $78K fine for shipping a quart of paint on a FedEx airplane without HazMat labels. The shipping giant will be just fine though. They will recoup the loss in just 45 minutes of operations.

5. Algebra time: G3 + P6 = 80%

As the P3 and G6 slow-steam towards approval, US lobbyists are urging the government to assess the groups together, rather than apart. With good reason. The groups control 80% of the transatlantic trade lanes.

6. Container Overboard!

On average, about 350 containers are lost annually. Those numbers just got shot when a Maersk ship dropped 520 containers to the bottom of the Bay of Biscay. Luckily,  about 400 were empty.

7. Gold Medal in the Unscheduled Grounding via @gcaptain

A US Navy frigate providing backup security at the Shochi Olympics ran aground on January 8th. The ship’s propeller is damaged. Better luck in 2018.

8. Government is doing better than the Navy

Despite the navy’s performance, the US economy is afloat, registering a historic record of $2.7 trillion of imports and $2.2 trillion in exports in 2013.

9. Hail the Driver in Chief

US President Obama ordered new fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for trucks by 2016. It’s not just for the environment though; the government projects that 530 million barrels of oil and $50 billion in fuel costs will be saved.

10. Trucks from the Future via @elizabethakreft

Not to be outdone by the President, Walmart showed off it’s new, fuel-efficient truck, complete with electric power and a space-ship like cabin. Sure beats my Honda Accord.

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