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Five Ways You’re Killing Your Freight Sales

Improve your freight sales!

With over 100,000 freight forwarders in the world, are you doing everything you need to do to stand out? At the end of the day, the differences in prices between different freight forwarders don’t vary hugely. Which means that in order to differentiate, your freight sales team needs to SHINE.

We’re going to take a quick look at five things your sales team may be saying or doing that spells doom for your bottom line:

1. The Dead on Delay

“Let me get back to you with a quote”

Someone calls up your company and wants to get a spot quote on a shipment. They give you the details and wait for your sales rep to give them the price. But your sales rep now has to start creating the quote…so he says the word that kills the sale: “let me get back to you.” By hanging up that phone, your rep just potentially hung up his coat. Picture yourself going into a car-lot to buy a car and getting told by the salesman that he’ll call you up with a quote. Customers want instant quotes. Even if it’s not the final price, give them a ballpark idea and keep yourself in the game. Automated quoting will do the trick.

2. The Admission of Inadequacy

“Sorry, we don’t have service for that route”

The world is a big place. And people are shipping goods everywhere. To make sure that you can maximize your business potential, you need to forge relationships with as many agents as possible. Maximize your service potential and you’re well on your way to maximizing your sales. Want to be a real rock star? Try automating quotes together with your agent’s rates.

3. The “Me Me Me”

“Let me tell you what we have to offer”

To optimize your freight sales, you need to understand your client. You need to show that you get his pain points, that you know how hard it is to schedule shipping today, that global warming’s disruption of supply chains is something that keeps you up at night too. And if you’re only talking about your business, you’re never gonna understand his side. Listen, ask questions, be intrigued…and win the sell.


4. The “Waiting for the Call”

Selling freight doesn’t start by putting your number out there and waiting by the phone. Find some way to provide value to your customers before they even think about calling you. Pull them to your website with information that is actually helpful. There are thousands of boring freight forwarder and 3PL websites that aren’t attracting traffic. Provide explanations, directories, guides…whatever. Provide something on your website that will bring the clients in…and you won’t have any time to wait for the calls; the phone will be ringing off the hook.

5. The “Follow Up”

“We’ll catch up next week”

Let’s say you were perfect on a call. You attracted the client with great on-site tools, you understood what, when and why they needed to move some freight, you had an instant price quote for them and everything is golden. They will probably need to do some research and get back to you. The worst possible thing you could do is just let them call you back. Go ahead and schedule an exact time and date for a follow-up call. Sales aren’t closed instantly. Planned persistence is the way to go.