The Future Of Freight Survey Questions

Shipper-Forwarder Relationship

1 How critical are the following factors to a shipper when selecting a logistics provider?

Rated 1 to 5. 5 is most critical.

  • Cost
    Easy communication channels
    Crisis Management
    Personal Relationship

2 Industry Consolidation: Broadly speaking, are shippers?

Select one. Add text for Other.

  • Consolidating logistics providers
    Increasing the number of logistics providers they work with
    Not changing the number of logistics providers

 3 How important are the following IT capabilities to shippers?

Rate 1 to 5. 5 is most critical.

  • Real-time pricing and booking automation
    Real-time reporting on shipment tracking
    Internal CRM/TMS integration
    Automated auditing management

Changing Profitability

4 In the next fiscal year and on an industry level, which of the following services do you anticipate will be?

Select profitable, break even, loss

  • Domestic Transportation
    Customs Brokerage
    International Ocean Freight Forwarding
    International Air Forwarding
    Contract Logistics / 3PL
    Transportation Management

5 Yield dilution (margin erosion) continues to plague the freight environment.

Select 3 most practical methods forwarders can adopt to help combat this trend. Add text for Other.

  • Reduce operating costs (especially personnel costs) with technology
    Improve negotiation skills with carriers
    Expand service offerings (4PL, 5PL)
    Improve position through organic growth or mergers and acquisitions
    Develop new service offerings with higher gross profit

6 Broadly speaking, are contracts you’re currently negotiating for longer or shorter periods than the past?

Select one.

  • Longer contact lengths
    No change
    Shorter contact lengths

Industry Changes

7 Quote vs Tenders: Which of the following are you currently experiencing?

Select one.

  • Fewer tenders and more spot quoting than the past
    More tenders and more spot quoting than the past
    No change

8 Which statement best describes the impact of M&As in the freight industry?

Select one.

  • M&As are an opportunity for local forwarders to differentiate with better localized service
    M&As will further squeeze independent forwarders as larger players increase regional stakes
    M&As will not directly impact local freight forwarders

9 Some cargo airliners now sell services directly to shippers online. Do you believe the trend of direct carrier sales to shippers will continue?

Select one.

  • Yes
    Yes, but limited to online airfreight
    No, it won’t last

10 Over the next five years, how will new CO2 emission regulations and other environmental legislation impact your business?

Select one.

  • Very little change. Costs will be passed-on
    Some changes (modal composition) but will be easily managed
    Significant disruption, introducing serious threats
    Significant disruption, introducing exciting opportunities for growth

11 Broadly speaking, what role will freight forwarders play in five years?

Select one.

  • The same role they’re playing today
    Limited to NVOCC and customs brokerage
    Extension of value chain across entire supply chain
    Niche forwarders will continue to operate. General forwarders will be disrupted by direct carrier-shipper sales


12 Which of the large tech companies do you think will make a significant move into the logistics space?

Multiple selection. Add text for other.

  • Google

13 There’s a lot of hype in freight technology. Which two of the following innovations do you believe will actually have a profound impact on the industry?

Select two. Add text for other.

  • 3D Printers
    Augmented Reality
    Aerial Drones
    Warehouse Robotics
    Driverless Trucks

14 Online platforms where forwarders can offer online pricing to shippers have started to emerge. How much of a threat do you see this?

Rate 0 (threat) to 10 (opportunity). 5 is neutral.