JAKAB Solutions, Inc
Owner: KJ Robinson 
  • Meet JAKAB Solutions, Inc
  • Years in business: 6
  • Based in: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Ships from: China
  • Products: Bluetooth speakers
It’s always been so easy for me to use – and cost-wise Freightos helped the company quite a bit. Their prices have always been more competitive.
KJ Robinson
CEO & President

When Oprah names an Amazon seller’s speaker as one of her Favorite Things, it can make a business need to scale…rapidly.  Here’s how Freightos helped a runaway Amazon seller meet the needs of his (very quickly) growing business.


KJ Robinson worked in banking for almost 20 years, until he had the opportunity to take his passion for music and turn it into a business. Armed with the desire to make music fun and portable, KJ slowly started finding his way in the world of portable bluetooth speakers.

KJ started his business as an Amazon seller, but after quick initial success – largely due to My Audio Pet being named one of Oprah’s favorite things in both 2016 and 2017 – his business boomed. Today, KJ, his wife, and their best friends operate eight brands of bluetooth speakers under their company Jakab Solutions. In addition to the Amazon site, they also sell directly on their own e-commerce sites as well as wholesale to dozens of retail stores.
Keeping up with the inventory of their growing business was critical so after meeting a digital freight forwarder at a conference in China, KJ thought they’d be a great fit for handling his international imports.
He was wrong.

“They dropped the ball multiple times…I had to travel to their warehouse in California for a shipment they said they lost, and ended up finding $100,000 worth of my inventory.”

KJ missed an entire wholesale season as a result, costing over half a million dollars.
He was losing time and money – and he couldn’t afford either.

Jumping Ship

KJ had stuck with the digital forwarder for a pilot program that offered short term loans to fund purchase order.

“But their logistics solutions were failing us and the capital wasn’t worth what we were losing in logistics.”

KJ had been actively searching for a different logistics provider when another conference in China in October 2017 introduced him to Freightos. Though he’d also been in conversations with two other freight forwarders and a broker, Freightos quickly climbed to the top of the list.

“The biggest thing I noticed right off the bat was the ownership [the Freightos team] took – and continues to take – to make sure our shipments are successful.”

Two other big checkmarks? Ease of use and price.

“It’s always been so easy for me to use – and cost-wise Freightos helped the company quite a bit. Their prices have always been more competitive.”

No Oprah? FBA logistics can still work for you.

Getting Ship Done

KJ moved his speakers over to Freightos, as well as other small shipments he does for various Amazon projects.
And as his business shows no signs of slowing down – his speakers are listed in dozens of gift guides and have won numerous awards for favorite speaker – he appreciates that Freightos’ logistics providers can provide great prices and reliability, while Freightos supports him with the management tools he needs to handle his many simultaneous shipments.

“The accessibility that Freightos provides and the ability to track shipments assures me that things are done when they should be done, allowing us to move forward with our business. We’re in a tight timeline – its mission critical for us to know where things are and for things to be delivered in time. Without the tools that Freightos provides, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing business the way we do business.”

Ultimately, KJ knows that his inventory – and therefore his business – is in strong, responsible hands, and that to him is worth as much as the money he’s saving.

“I think in the world of logistics and shipment, when there are so many things out of importers control, being able to have a partner you can rely on, depend on, that takes ownership at all steps helps me sleep easily at night.”

Time Saved     
1 week on each shipment

Money Saved 

10% on shipping expenses

Night’s Sleep

⇡ 100%

No Oprah? FBA logistics can still work for you.
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