Founder: Sanja Jovanovic
  • Meet Tearribles
  • Years in business: 5
  • Shipping to: Florida, USA
  • Ships from: China
  • Products: Pull-apart dog chew toys
Freightos was just so seamless. It took a huge chunk of frustration out of my shipment.
Sanja Jovanovic
Founder and CEO

Importing is ruff.

But first-time importer (and Kickstarter hero) Sanja saved time and frustration by booking a shipment of her ingenious dog toys with Freightos. Here’s how.

The Importing Challenge

Tearribles began as a pet project (pun intended) for Sanja Jovanovic. A far cry from her day job working at a timeshare company, Sanja was inspired by her own pack of dogs to create an interactive toy that they could tear apart over and over again.

After two years fine-tuning the fuzzy toys, each destined for a lifetime of destruction, Sanja launched Tearribles on Kickstarter in July 2017, met her goal in 45 days, and surpassed it…by over 600%. And she did it as a one-woman-show, working on pet store contracts, building an e-commerce site, and setting up her Amazon and eBay pages. After deciding on a factory (through a friend’s recommendation), she was ready for her first container import from Shenzhen once the Kickstarter campaign finished.

But Sanja had never dealt with international freight before. And it’s complicated.

“I wish someone had written a book where they just educate you from 0-10 on what to do and how.”

Making The Decision

Sanja started educating herself on the key elements of international freight, but finding the provider to execute her shipment was trickier. She spoke with a few forwarders, but the number one problem, beyond education, was that for a busy entrepreneur, getting a quote was a real time-suck.

“I was sick of having to submit a form, wait 7 days, and waste time on a site – I have no patience for that.”

Looking to minimize wasted time and find a simple-to-use approach that would also help fill some of the gaps in her freight knowledge, Sanja ran a few Google searches, and a Freightos review popped up.

So she gave it a whirl.

Getting ship done

Sanja loved the easy-to-use site that, as she puts it, made sure she didn’t miss any of the details she needed to provide. She also really appreciated the customer service and the helpful team who answered all of her questions, even the ones that seemed elementary.

Time Saved

2 days

Money Saved


Freight Skills
$ ⇡ 100%

“Freightos was just so seamless. It took a huge chunk of frustration out of my shipment.”

Sanja’s container arrived, and she fulfilled the early high-demand quickly – in fact, she’s almost out of her first stock, and has already started planning her second shipment with Freightos.

“I’m just glad I found [Freightos] – it’s like having my own staff take care of everything.”

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