Weekly highlights

The increase in Covid cases in China is reportedly having some impact on manufacturing and logistics operations. But as demand for exports is easing in any case, resulting delays may not be felt very widely, for now.

Normalizing supply chains may be reflected in transpacific ocean rates that are now about even with rates in January 2020 for both coasts.

Asia – N. Europe rates are still more than 40% higher than in early 2020, possibly due to some lingering congestion and increases in blank sailings.

Asia-US rates for this week:

  • Asia-US West Coast prices (FBX01 Weekly) were unchanged at $1,382/FEU. This rate is 89% lower than the same time last year.
  • Asia-US East Coast prices (FBX03 Weekly) dipped 1% to $2,898/FEU, and are 82% lower than rates for this week last year.
  • Asia-N. Europe prices (FBX11 Weekly) increased 14% to $2,741/FEU, and are 81% lower than rates for this week last year.

Check in next week for more real-time freight market updates to help you ship smoother.

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More rates from Freightos.com:

FBX Lane Global Asia – US West Coast Asia – US East Coast Asia – North Europe North Europe – US East Coast
This Week* $2,246 $1,382 $2,898 $2,741 $5,724
Last Week* 6% 0% -1% 14% 1%
Last Year* -75% -89% -82% -81% -8%
* Weekly rates, compared to the corresponding week in 2022