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Europe is a wide region with many countries and separate freight costs. Whether you’re stocking your business with imports from China or expanding your business by exporting worldwide to and from various parts of Europe, including Western or Eastern Europe, our freight quotes offer competitive rates and unprecedented transparency with full breakdowns of all costs associated with your shipment.

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Did you know that 29% of all EU freight shipments were sent via German airports in 2016? And the Netherlands were responsible for nearly 600 million tons of freight shipping in that same year? European ports are absolutely bustling with freight, and at Freightos we understand the importance of finding the right European port for your freight shipping needs. Our forwarders offer rates from every port in Europe, extending far out into the ocean to Svalbard and Iceland, all the way down to Italy and Greece.

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Obviously, there are different shipping tax laws throughout various parts of the European Union, including the UK. Our service providers are experts in each country’s individual tax laws and will help guide you through the process.

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