Freightos Freight Emissions Calculator

Smoother, greener shipping - instantly.

Our free freight emissions calculator delivers accurate carbon footprint estimates. Just tell us about your shipment to find out your output, then offset by joining to compare, book, and manage your upcoming shipments – with CO₂ emissions estimates included in every quote.


Why Use the Freightos Emissions Calculator?

International freight shipping is a major contributor towards greenhouse gas emissions,
accounting for roughly 2.1 billion tons – or 7% – of total world emissions.

At Freightos, we know you want to keep moving things around the world without harming it.
Us too. That’s why we built this handy Emissions Calculator.
With real-time reporting on key metrics required by the global emissions
regulatory standards, it’s easier than ever to ship cleaner.

Know your output

Using our free calculator can give you a working estimate of your goods’ environmental footprint so you’ll be equipped for greater carbon efficiency and offsetting.

Offset with every booking

Every price quote on the Marketplace includes an emissions output estimate. So you can offset your carbon footprint effortlessly.

Make an impact

Our advanced Emissions Calculator delivers four separate results, two estimating emissions and two estimating energy consumption – the highest standard of emissions measurement.

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