Should I ship with Freightos or Flexport?

For importers and exporters, choosing the right providers is a crucial step in moving goods around the world. One important piece of this decision is whether to ship with a single freight forwarder or with the marketplace, which provides access to many forwarders. Read on to learn which choice makes the most sense for your business.

About is a global freight marketplace. Its platform digitizes freight forwarder rates, and allows importers and exporters to compare routing and pricing options, and to book and manage their shipments. Try it here.

  • HQ Location: Miami Beach, Florida
  • Founded: 2011

About Flexport

Flexport is a digital freight forwarder. It has been a prominent proponent of global freight digitization and its platform allows shippers to book and manage shipments. It works with a range of companies, with a specific focus in the United States.

  • HQ Location: San Francisco, California
  • Founded: 2013

Using a freight marketplace makes global shipping smoother

At, we digitize freight forwarder rates and allow importers and exporters to compare millions of routing and pricing options across multiple forwarders and then book instantly. Once booked with any forwarder, shippers can pay, track shipments, and manage documentation and customs brokerage through one easy platform, no matter how many forwarders they are working with. We work with 10,000+ importers and exporters, saving them time and money:

Compare rates and book instantly

Importers and exporters can access millions of shipping options in seconds. No waiting for returned emails and phone calls.

Switch forwarders seamlessly

Your company’s needs change and evolve. On, you can choose the right provider for every shipment, without the hassle of switching forwarders.

Book, pay, and manage on one platform

Booking, paying for, and managing your shipment is fast and easy, and all in the same place, for every shipment.

Ready for instant international Freight, Expert support and online shipping management?

What is the difference between Flexport and Freightos? is a freight marketplace. We digitize freight forwarder rates and allow importers and exporters to compare millions of routing and pricing options and book instantly. After booking, shippers can manage all their shipments on one platform, from payment to documentation to customs to exception management.

To the right you can see an example of search results from different providers.

Flexport is a freight forwarder. They allow importers and exporters to book and manage shipments on their digital platform.

When you search and book on, you can choose from rates and routing options from dozens of forwarders. When you use Flexport, you have access to only Flexport’s rates and services.

There are advantages to working directly with forwarders, especially the direct access to your provider. However, when using a platform like, you can typically leverage’ direct connections to forwarders to unlock the same benefits while also gaining access to more transparent market rates, a range of expertise across forwarders, the internal support team, and the ability to migrate easily between forwarders.

Learn more about how compares to other companies such as iContainers, Forto, Convoy, and Cogoport.

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Comparing Flexport and Freightos

Is it a freight forwarder?
Is it a marketplace?
Can I compare freight quotes from different providers?
Can I switch providers easily?
Is there customs booking?
Can I track my shipment?
Is there customer support?
Are all shipment modes available?