Pre-Freight Quote

Just getting started with importing or looking for an estimate?
Here you will find information about estimating costs, ensuring regulatory compliance when sourcing, and understanding the basics of how ocean freight works.

Ocean Freight: Ocean & Sea Freight Shipping: Rates, Quotes and Charges (2021)

A full 90% of everything is shipped by ocean freight, but it can have it’s drawbacks. Learn more here.

Air Freight & Air Cargo Shipping: Air Freight Charges, Rates, Costs & Quotes

Air freight is critical for getting goods somewhere fast, although it comes at a price. Learn more here.

Transit Time Calculator for Sea, Air & Port To Port Shipping

Instantly calculate freight transit time for air, ocean and trucking shipments, banking on aggregate Freightos shipping data.

5 Hacks to Help You Conquer International Freight

Freightos has compiled a list of five invaluable hacks to help you save time and money on your international shipments.

Estimate Your Shipping Costs With A Shipping Cost Calculator

Quickly estimate shipping cost to work out best shipping mode and calculate landed cost.

US Product Safety Regulations Every Importer Must Know

How to check for product compliance before Customs does and fines you or seizes your shipment.

International Freight Forwarders: The Complete Guide to Freight Forwarding

What does a freight forwarder do, and why do you need one?

4 Tips For Sellers To Master International Payments

Master these four international payments tip to get smarter with international business.

Freight Restrictions: You Can’t Sell These Hotcakes

Import, carrier and IP restrictions that importers should check out when sourcing a new product overseas.

Shipping from China: Everything You Need to Know

Shipping from China? Check out key points, like the cost and speed of courier, air freight etc.