Transit Time Calculator for Sea, Air & Port To Port Shipping

What Is Transit Time In Shipping

Transit time is how long it takes for a shipment to be delivered to its final destination after being picked up from a designated pick up point. The amount of time needed to move goods from one point to another varies widely, so it’s important to get this information before booking a shipment.

Transit & Shipping Time Calculator

This shipping time calculator provides estimated shipping times for multi-modal global shipping along selected lanes.  Instantly estimate FCL, LCL, air, sea, and trucking freight shipping transit times. Simply enter the address, city, zip code, or country of the origin and destination, as well as the load type, to see the general transit time ranges and estimated delivery.

About the International Shipping Time Calculator

International freight can be complicated, especially when you need to choose between different shipping modes.

This international freight shipping transit time calculator helps by giving estimated shipping time for blended inland trucking, air, and ocean freight, to give a comprehensive freight shipping time estimate.

How long does freight shipping take?

Freight shipping transit time is impacted by factors including distance, shipping mode, route, and season. In very rough estimates: express can take as little as 1-3 days, air freight is typically 5-10 days, and sea shipping can range anywhere from 20-45 days or more. 

Port To Port Shipping Transit Time & Sea Freight Transit Times

Why is there such a wide range in shipment duration when shipping by sea? Because there are a lot of ways to ship. Seriously.

When it comes to transit time between ports, there are about 107,000 different UN Codes for Trade and Transport Locations (UN/LOCODE) for different shipping destinations. This means you’ll see a lot of variance. For example, shipping time for an ocean shipment from Shenzhen, China, to Miami, Florida through the Suez Canal takes 41 days while the (more expensive) Panama Canal takes only 35 days.

Use our Seaport Code Finder to find Locodes, port Names, and seaport codes for international seaports.

When would you use this transit time calculator?

Once you have collected the key freight documents you need from your supplier and calculated your chargeable weight, use this calculator to help you select a freight mode.  Whether you select air or ocean freight usually comes down to balancing cost and transit time.

Average Transit Times 2021

Freight shipping transit time has become increasingly delayed in 2021. Below is a chart from our recent Pandemic Shipping Report depicting average transit times based on data. Keep these delays in mind when selecting your mode and try to plan in advance as much as possible.