US Customs Guide: Customs Rules & Regulations, Requirements, Charges & More

Feeling overwhelmed by customs duties – the paperwork, the requirements, the regulations, the ever-changing rules?

You’re not alone. 

More than half of the questions we get from our customers are about customs. That’s why we made these videos. 

Watch to learn more:

  1. What are US customs duties?

  2. Paperwork & documents

  3. Do I need a customs broker?

  4. What are the customs duty charges?

  5. US customs filing: important details

  6. How to book US customs on

What are US customs duties? How do US customs work for shipping?

Let’s start at the beginning: what are customs duties? What does it mean to file a customs entry? What information determines how much you have to pay?

Watch the video to find out:

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Paperwork & documents required for import customs clearance in the USA

Paperwork: is anything scarier?

The good news is that when it comes to customs, a lot of documentation is provided by your supplier or broker. But you’ll still need to know the basics to make sure your customs entry has complete, accurate information.

Watch to learn more:

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Do I need a customs broker?

Is it worth paying someone to facilitate customs for you? Almost certainly.

Learn why:

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What are the customs duty charges?

When it comes to customs charges, there are actually several components. Knowing the difference, and understanding how to calculate or estimate them in advance, can help you cut down on costs – and on headaches.

Learn more:

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US customs filing: important details

Where do people get tripped up on their US customs filing? From HS code to palletization to compliance, here are some of the important details you’ll need to know to make sure your goods clear customs smoothly.

Learn more:

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How to book US Customs on

You don’t have to be a customs expert to book a shipment on But now that you know what to look out for, you can book customs with confidence. 

How does it work practically?

Watch the video to see exactly how to book customs with your next shipment: