What is a Shipping Quote?

Part of the Key Freight Documents Guide


A Shipping Quote is a document that breaks down the individual legs of a shipment and the surcharges each will incur, as per your freight quote.

Freight Quotation Format

  • Information about where your cargo is the being shipped to and from.
  • The transport mode and equipment being used (eg, by ocean on pallets).
  • Shipment details, including dimensions, weight and a description of the goods.

freight quotation format

Most Shipping Quotes have an expiration date which indicates how long the price is valid.

So What Is A Freight Quote?

What exactly is the meaning of a freight shipping quote in your shipping process? Your Freight Quote kicks off the shipment process. It serves as evidence of your freight forwarder’s commitment to providing the promised service.

A freight quote offers an estimate of what the total cost of shipping will be based on the information you have provided, including weight, dimensions, type of product being imported, and other factors. If the information provided is accurate, the final price will likely match the initial freight quote from carriers or logistics providers.

If the information provided isn’t accurate, the final price may be higher than the initial quote because of reweighing fees or other additional costs.

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