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Increase sales and reduce operating costs with instant rate distribution to 1,000 forwarders and electronic booking.

"The industry's best innovation in the last five years"

Nicolas Finon, Airfreight Director, France

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Transform your air freight sales with with the world’s most trusted digital air freight sales platform, powering one million instant air cargo rate searches every month.

Instant Rate Distribution

Whether you use APIs or Excels, kick sales into overdrive with live rate distribution to over one thousand global forwarders and enterprise shippers

Cutting-edge electronic bookings

Close the deal faster...and without ever looking at a phone or email. Join some of the top-tier airlines that offer automated eBookings.

Sales that scale.

Turn the internet into your #1 salesperson with instant, port/port or door/door freight pricing, routing, sales, and booking.

Data that drives better decisions

Tap into pricing and demand insights from the world's largest freight rate database and over one million monthly searches,

Digitalization and Customer Service

As international freight get digitalized, the nature of the shipper/forwarder relationship changes as well. This survey across 70 logistics professionals shows exactly how it's changing.


The 2018 State of Digital Freight

In three years, the industry has gone from no major forwarders selling online to 25%. Read the full report here.


Why Freightos WebCargo

The technology driving air freight sales that take off


fast door to door pricing and routing technology


powerful enterprise permission management


with full language and currency localization


Manage your own rates or use our services

Sell online

from your own site or from the world’s top Digital freight sales

Industry leading

with full language and currency global localization