Terms and Conditions for Freightos Buyers

Buying freight is simple with Freightos. We try to make our legal terms and conditions as simple as possible too. Read on to learn how Freightos works.

Last updated: December 15, 2020

Welcome to Freightos – powering international freight comparison, booking, and management for over 8,000 companies.

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of Freightos.com, which is available at ship.freightos.com, its subdomains and related domains (the “Site”). These Terms and Conditions were last updated on December 15, 2020 and may be updated and/or changed from time to time. The last published edition on the Site shall govern any Shipment booked by you on the Site. We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions periodically. These Terms and Conditions are legally binding and cover all of your transactions on Freightos and are in addition to the Freightos Master Services Agreement (MSA) which governs your use of the Site and the Freightos services. There are also Freightos policies and other important documents which operate in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions and which are incorporated by reference. A full list and link to these binding policies and documents is set forth at the end of these Terms and Conditions. These documents and these Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time, and to the extent that there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the MSA, the provisions of the MSA shall override.


What is Freightos.com? 

Ship confidently, backed by live freight price comparisons, instant booking and one-stop management across dozens of global forwarders. It’s what makes freight work for 8,000+ importers. Freightos provides an innovative online platform that makes global trade frictionless, matching businesses looking for a better freight experience to procure freight services, with a global network of first-rate logistics service providers. 

  • Compare and book. Instantly compare air, ocean, and trucking freight Quotes from 75+ providers with the perfect balance of price, transit time and reviews.
  • Manage and track. Refreshingly easy logistics management with on-demand tracking, live updates, and proactive issue resolution from providers you can trust.
  • Get expert support. The Freightos Customer Success is available to help with every step of the Shipment process, from documentation to delivery specifics.



How much does it cost to use Freightos? Who can sign up?

It is completely free to sign up and search for Quotes on Freightos. 

Freightos is open to businesses importing or exporting commercial products (not personal effects) that comply with the Freightos Master Services Agreement

You’ll only be asked for payment once you select and book a Quote. In addition to your detailed Quote, including an itemization of all relevant freight charges and additional services, your total Shipment cost will include a Freightos platform fee of 3%. This fee enables us to effectively manage the Freightos platform, including offering ongoing support for your Shipment.

Any user signup deemed to be unlawful for any reason will be denied and Shipments made under any such signup may be cancelled.


Where can I access the Freightos privacy policy? 

Your privacy matters to us. The Freightos Privacy Policy applies when you use Freightos.com, Freightos subdomains and related domains. This policy also outlines in detail Freightos’ cookies policy. If you have any questions or feedback, please email our Customer Success team at: ship@freightos.com.


Who are the service providers quoting on Freightos?

Freightos service providers are industry-leading logistics service providers, and other value-added service providers like customs brokers and insurance providers, that have chosen to provide their services to Freightos customers directly via the Freightos online platform. Freightos is committed to offer only high-quality service providers on Freightos.com. We call service providers that provide logistics services “Sellers”, and you will see both the singular (Seller) and plural (Sellers) of this term throughout these Terms and Conditions. The measures we use to ensure that only top rated Sellers offer services to you include, but are not limited to, rigorous onboarding procedures, Seller performance scorecards, interviews, data quality reviews, customer feedback and Seller activity reports.


What can I ship?

Freightos works exclusively with customers importing or exporting for commercial purposes, and does not act as a marketplace for Shipments of personal items. To that end, you can ship general cargo boxed, palletized, or containerized with Freightos. In freight jargon this translates into the following modes: International Air, Express, FCL (full container load), LCL (less than full container load), and domestic LTL (less than truckload). There are, however, some particular commodities (e.g. hazardous), and service types (e.g. refrigerated containers), that Freightos service providers do not handle. Please see our List of Excluded Goods for more details. There may be other cargoes, such as “dangerous cargo” as defined by a Seller, that may be subject to additional documentation or possible cancellation.

As part of the checkout process, you will be prompted to input a Shipment commodity description and upload your commercial invoice. It is important to properly disclose an accurate description of your product as advised by your supplier, so that your Seller can execute the Shipment promptly. If the Seller determines that the product needs to be categorized differently, your Seller may advise you accordingly, along with any implications – e.g. if the product is deemed hazardous or subject to a cost adjustment to handle. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide an accurate description of your product. If the product is not accurately described, your selected Seller will not be obligated to execute the Shipment, and is authorized to cancel the Shipment and you will be responsible for any actual costs incurred. Once your Shipment has been verified for processing by your Seller, any subsequent adjustments to your product or product documentation (e.g. commercial invoice), must be communicated by you the Buyer to your Seller via the Freightos Messenger, otherwise it will not be included in that Shipment’s documentation.

For Shipments imported into the U.S. requiring FDA approval, you can find further information here. Shipments subject to the jurisdiction of other U.S. Partner Government Agencies, or relevant governmental agencies in your destination country, may require additional documentation and form completion, based on the advice of your Seller and/or customs broker. Please be in touch with your Seller and/or customs broker to make sure they have all necessary documentation. All Shipments booked on Freightos are fully subject to the pertinent customs laws of both origin and destination countries, as well as the laws and oversight of the relevant governmental and regulatory bodies.


Who is responsible for my Shipment?

Once you have booked a Shipment on Freightos, you have entered into an agreement for a freight service from your chosen Seller. The contract is between yourself (the Buyer) and your Seller. Freightos is a facilitator of the exchange of freight services between the two parties. The Seller bears full responsibility for the successful execution of your Shipment based on the information you provide. The binding contract between you and the Seller can be found here.

Freightos handles payment collection for the Sellers but is not a party to the Shipment itself in any capacity.

Sellers are not agents, contractors, or otherwise affiliated entities of Freightos. We don’t specifically endorse any Sellers and although we make reviews for Sellers available online to be utilized as part of your comparison of service providers, we don’t dictate, direct, or control a Seller’s execution of booked freight services.

Freightos does, however, facilitate communication with your Seller and is available to help you wherever possible. Freightos will send you notifications both on platform using the Freightos Messenger and by email. Please confirm that you have access to Freightos email communications, and that they do not go into your spam filter. You will be responsible to reply to operational notifications in order to keep your shipment running smoothly and prevent delays or additional costs, as will be noted below.


How do I choose the right Quote for my Shipment?

Freightos provides several sorting options and filters that you can use to help you find the right Quote for your Shipment. Some examples: Sort by price, transit time and customer reviews, filter by mode (air, ocean, express, etc.), Seller name or routing option. These sorting options and filters are defined by Freightos and may change from time to time. These tools are intended as an aid to help you with your freight purchase; please apply your own criteria when making your final purchasing decision. 

If you are shipping to Amazon, Freightos supports you step by step with a tailored Amazon FBA experience. We have a growing number of articles in our resource center with practical FBA tips to navigate the relevant shipping requirements. Whether you are shipping cartons, pallets or full containers, you will have the option of selecting the exact Quote to meet your needs, with detailed options for labeling, palletization, and more with an easy to use dropdown of Amazon FBA warehouses globally.

You are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with the reviews that other customers have submitted, as well as additional pertinent information regarding the Seller appearing on the Quote tile, including the number of lifetime Freightos Shipments handled by that Seller. Please note that these reviews are the subjective opinions of other customers and not endorsed by Freightos. 


What do Quotes include?

Sellers’ published Quotes include all standard freight transportation fees based on the inputted Shipment details. The Quote does not include governmental charges such as the cost of customs duties and taxes, customs exams, inspections-related charges, additional charges unknown at the time of your Booking (such as changes or updates to load dimensions), or charges that may arise due to discrepancies between the information provided and the actual Shipment details. 

The Quote is based on the inputted details that you provided when searching. It is therefore very important to review your inputted details again as they appear on both the Quote, as well as on the subsequent checkout page. If there is a deviation between the details as reflected in your Quote or shipment page, and what is actually shipped, this may result in a change to your Shipment cost. There may also be additional government or port related charges, beyond the control of the Seller which you may be charged for as applicable. 

The freight industry presents many unknowns. Freightos and its Seller network are committed to reducing uncertainties with defined and transparent pricing wherever possible. Please consult the Freightos Transparent Pricing Policy for further details. If you ever feel that a charge has been added in error and not in line with the Transparent Pricing Policy, you may dispute the charge in accordance with the Freightos.com Dispute Policy. For full details on this topic, please see the later section on Disputes.


What is the ‘Gate-in’ date (validity date) displayed on my Quote?

In order to understand the implications of the ‘Gate-in’ date, it’s helpful to understand how General Rate Increases (GRIs) work in the freight industry. A GRI (General Rate Increase) is the amount by which ocean carriers increase their base rates across specific lines, generally as a result of increased demand. These rate increases are reported to the Federal Maritime Commission 30 days in advance, and can go into effect for the carriers on the 1st or 15th of the month. They often result in freight forwarders increasing their base quotes.

Every published Quote that you see on Freightos.com contains a ‘Gate-in’ date. This date refers to the date by when your Shipment is expected to gate-in or be consigned to the origin port of departure, and your Quote is valid until this date. 

Freightos Sellers are obligated to honor their published Quotes as long as your cargo has been loaded or gated-in within the validity period as stated on the Quote. 

If a Shipment is not brought to the origin port before this date, due to the goods not being ready, the Shipment may be subject to a rate adjustment, due to a General Rate Increase (GRI). The Seller must report any rate changes to you on the Freightos Messenger within five days of Shipment departure, so that you have the opportunity to agree to the charge. According to Freightos policy, the adjusted rate must match the Seller’s published Quotes on Freightos.com with that Gate-in date.

If you wish to cancel the Shipment as a result of a rate adjustment, you must do so at the time of notification of the adjustment.  If the Seller does not receive your confirmation via Freightos messenger, then the Seller will use their best judgement in deciding to hold, move, or cancel the Shipment considering both the cost of the adjustment and the cost of delays. The Seller will be responsible to update you regarding the additional costs on the Freightos platform. 

Cancellations cannot be done retroactively, and if you choose to cancel after Gate-in, then, you will be responsible for any costs incurred until that point.

For more details please see the Freightos Transparent Pricing Policy here.


Do Quotes and Shipments have guaranteed transit times or delivery dates?

Transit times displayed on your Quote or indicated by your Seller once the Shipment is in process are intended as good faith estimates only based on a combination of the Seller’s published service criteria as well as Freightos’ transit time estimator. Estimated delivery dates and transit times are not guaranteed. Both Freightos and the Sellers in our network invest significantly in offering both realistic transit times as well as updated Shipment tracking information, made accessible through the platform, but due to the nature of the freight industry, actuals may vary from estimates.


Which carriers will the Seller utilize for my Shipment?

Freightos makes rates available to you from a range of Sellers, including freight forwarders, carriers and third-party service providers (Customs brokers, Insurance agents). Third-party service providers are embedded as part of the underlying freight Quotes displayed. 

Quotes provided by freight forwarders do not usually specify the carrier name (shipping line, airline, etc.) on the Quote, or the route, and the particular choice of carrier is at the Seller’s discretion, based on practical considerations in order to execute the Shipment as smoothly as possible. Freightos Sellers work with industry-leading international and domestic carriers, and third-party service providers. If a  specific service level (e.g. direct flight)  is specified in the Quote, the Seller must execute this service as quoted.


What is a “Known Shipper” and can I access these rates on Freightos?

Some Freightos Sellers offer additional pricing options for Known Shippers, on U.S. air export Quote requests. Customers who have been properly vetted with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by an air carrier or freight forwarder are considered a Known Shipper with the TSA. Known Shippers may tender their freight for Shipment on both passenger and cargo-only aircrafts, with some restrictions. If you are a Known Shipper and have been properly registered with the TSA, select the “Known Shipper” checkbox as part of your Quote request to display rates on both passenger and cargo-only aircrafts. If you book a passenger rate intended for a Known Shipper, but your status as a Known Shipper cannot be validated, your Seller will suggest an alternative service option, if available; otherwise your Seller may advise to cancel your Shipment if no relevant service is available.


I didn’t get instant search results. Can I still obtain a Quote?

Freightos is regularly expanding pricing coverage on existing routes, as well as new geographies to meet customer demand. If automatic results are not retrieved on your search, you will be prompted to request a Custom Quote if your search is within the current geographic scope and other acceptable service criteria offered by Freightos Sellers. 

You will be shown a simple online form with a number of required fields to complete in order to request a Custom Quote. The platform will automatically store your inputted Origin, Destination, Load details (weight, dimensions), customs clearance preferences and Shipment value. Once your request is submitted, Freightos will transmit your request to the relevant Seller(s) who may revert with binding Quotes, however Freightos does not guarantee that every request will receive a returned Quote. Your Custom Quotes will be accessible from your Custom Quotes tab and also via the Quote link in the email. Once you access the Custom Quote, and select Book, you will be prompted to the standard order checkout flow. The Quote is binding under the same terms and conditions as other Quotes as covered in the Freightos MSA.

Do Freightos or Freightos Sellers offer promotions on the platform?


Freightos site promotions

Freightos may offer site promotions from time to time. Since any agreements for services are directly between you and your Seller, the Promotion is not part of the freight service or contract and is a site Promotion given directly by Freightos. A promotion or partner code will be made available to you with a stipulated flat amount or percentage applied to the Booking. Promotions may be subject to additional criteria rules, including minimum order amounts, limitation for first time customers, etc. One code may be used per Shipment, subject to the expiration date listed and any other applicable rules.

Freightos Seller promotions

Freightos Sellers may also offer promotions to you on the platform. These promotions will be displayed on your Quote tile, stating the specific promotion amount. These promotions, their financial consequences and legality vis-a-vis the relevant country regulator will be the responsibility of the Seller. In the booking checkout page, there will be a section for Promotions applied which will be separate from the Sellers’ Quote and relevant customs charges. 


How do I add insurance to my Quote?

Freightos strongly recommends purchasing insurance for all Shipments for coverage in case of potential loss or damage. If you decide not to purchase insurance, you will be responsible directly for any potential claims.

All Quotes on Freightos default to include cargo insurance. The insurance policy included is a pre-negotiated, standardized cargo insurance policy with a trusted, third party provider, Falvey Insurance Group. The insurance cost (premium) will then be added to your Quote and your Shipment will be covered by the Falvey policy conditions. The pricing for this policy is outlined in the Freightos Transparent Pricing Policy here.

Should you opt out and not include insurance in your Quote, you may arrange insurance coverage privately, and will bear responsibility for any potential claims. If you don’t arrange insurance coverage your cargo will not be covered for damage or loss. 

Custom Quotes obtained through the Freightos Dealroom (Quote desk) will also include insurance by default. If the goods value is not specified in your initial request an insurance fee will be applied based on a goods value of $10,000. Note that the insurance provider on Custom Quotes is subject to the discretion of the Seller quoting, rather than Falvey (see above).

A booked Shipment including insurance will have an insurance certificate uploaded to the shipment page. Insurance may still be applied to your Shipment after booking (as long as the cargo has not yet been picked up) by contacting the Freightos Customer Success team by online chat, or by email at ship@freightos.com. 


I do not have a U.S.-based business, can I still import into the U.S.?

Freightos supports our growing number of Amazon FBA sellers with a convenient, straightforward option to select the ‘foreign importer of record’ service directly via the platform. This service is currently only offered in the Amazon FBA booking flow. Be sure to select the checkbox on your Quote request, “I am a foreign importer.” In practice, your selected Seller or customs broker will register your business with customs and obtain an Importer number, in lieu of a Tax ID number. You will, however, need to organize with the company or third party you will be shipping to, for them to provide their Tax ID number to your Seller. They will not need to sign a Power of Attorney (POA) form, or act as the importer. Customs requires their company information, to know where the product is ultimately being delivered. Please ensure that you have fulfilled all of the necessary requirements in order not to incur additional costs, including storage costs. Note that there may be variations regarding the specific foreign importer of record procedures between different Sellers or customs brokers.


How do I obtain customs clearance for my Shipment?

All international Shipments require customs clearance. U.S.-bound imports also require a customs bond. Please carefully read the next sections with additional details regarding customs. Both customs clearance and a customs bond can easily be purchased directly through Freightos as part of your freight Quote. 

Most Freightos customers do not have pre-existing relationships with a customs broker. Therefore, to make your shipping experience smoother, the option to include customs clearance in your Quote is selected by default. Most booked Shipments are for one product commodity only, though if your Shipment contains multiple product commodities, please update the number of commodities next to the checkbox accordingly. If you leave the customs clearance option  ticked, your Quote will include customs clearance, which will be performed by the Seller listed. 

If you will be coordinating customs clearance independently, you may exclude customs clearance from your Quote, by ticking the box: “I have my own broker who will handle customs brokerage for me.” If you opt out from customs clearance, you will be responsible for ensuring this is handled directly, and for covering all costs, including any costs arising from delays, if customs is not cleared. 

If you’ve selected to add customs clearance to your Quote, you will be asked to fill in a Power of Attorney (POA) form for air and ocean Shipments. The POA is a legal document granting the customs broker the authority to handle the customs clearance process for you. Freightos is not a direct party to the customs clearance process.

FedEx Trade Networks & Brokerage, Inc. (FTN) launched a partnership with Freightos in March 2020 to offer digital customs brokerage services to Freightos customers.  This service is currently in place for U.S. imports. While some Freightos Sellers offer their own customs brokerage service, a growing number of Sellers are now partnered with FedEx to manage customs clearance on your behalf. If you’ve ticked the box to include customs clearance in your Quote, and see the FedEx logo accompanying the logo of your selected freight Seller, FedEx will be the appointed customs broker for your Shipment, and you will be prompted post-booking to complete a FedEx Power of Attorney form.   

When customs clearance is handled by a third party customs broker, Freightos and the broker will share your information as directed under U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation 19 C.F.R. § 111.24 with one another for the purpose of providing the services for that Shipment only.


Smooth shipping means smooth customs. How do I pay Customs duties and taxes?

There are two customs duties and taxes payment processes, depending on whether your customs broker is the direct Freightos Seller or FedEx (third party).

When a third party (FedEx or Clearit) is the customs broker: 

Currently offered on U.S. imports only and in partnership with specific Sellers only. Please consider the following two payment options for Customs duties and taxes with a third party customs broker: 

When your Freightos Seller is the customs broker:

When your selected Seller directly handles customs brokerage, you will receive a separate Customs duties and taxes invoice from this Seller, with clear instructions regarding accepted payment methods. Please take into account that there may be wire or credit card fees depending on the selected payment method. Payment will be made directly to the Seller or the relevant Customs authority as specified in the invoice instructions. You will only be invoiced once the goods arrive at the destination port, or final inland rail terminal. Duties and taxes are due within ten days post-invoicing. 

(1) Direct ACH (Recommended). Direct ACH is an electronic payment option that allows importers to pay and receive refunds for customs fees, duties, and taxes electronically with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Once signed up for Direct ACH, your account will be debited for the full duties amount ten business days following the arrival of your goods. This means that duty payments will be made on a Shipment by Shipment basis. If you are already signed up for ACH customs payments, please provide your Payment Unit Number (PUN) as soon as you submit your POA. For more information about the preferential payment schedule through Direct ACH, and to sign up, click here.

(2) Payment via Freightos. If you do not have Direct ACH set up with the U.S. CBP, a Freightos invoice for duties and taxes will be generated and made accessible via your Freightos billing page.  The due date of this invoice is immediate. Payment can be made by: 1) Wire transfer; 2) ACH; c) Credit card. Note that payment by credit card is subject to a 2.5% disbursement fee.

If you have credit terms with Freightos, please take into account that all amounts owed for duties payments are not included as part of the Freightos Credit approved limit, and must be paid immediately as specified above. 

Shipments may be delayed, detained, or withheld from customs release if customs duties are not paid in a timely manner, and you may be liable for any costs and/or damages arising from delayed payment, including, but not limited to, storage charges. It is critical that you provide any needed documentation and payments in a timely manner to avoid charges.. Failure to remit payment to the relevant customs authority may result in the Importer of Record (IOR) being restricted by that authority, in addition to potential penalties and/or fines. In the U.S., for example, restricted IORs are prevented from importing to the United States until payment is made in full for both duties and any penalties and/or fines.


Do I need to purchase a customs bond? 

A customs bond is required for all U.S. imports (excluding most Express Shipments). There are two types of customs bonds: 1) Single-entry bond (SEB); 2) Continuous (annual) bond. 

If you don’t already have a valid customs bond, you can easily add either a single-entry bond or a continuous bond to your Quote as part of the booking process. A single-entry bond is calculated based on your goods Shipment value, subject to a minimum. A continuous bond is charged a flat fee, regardless of Shipment value. Please note that a continuous bond is fully transferable between different customs brokers. If a customs bond is not purchased as part of the Shipment checkout process, you may still purchase the relevant type of customs bond from your Seller after booking. Please note that different Sellers will have their own formulae to calculate this fee. Notify your Seller if you have a continuous bond from a previous shipment. Please note that your Seller may be required to purchase a continuous bond in place of a single-entry bond if you have already utilized a total of four single-entry and/or ISF customs bonds over the last twelve-month period.

Click ‘Yes’ to the “Purchase a customs bond?” question on the Quote request page, where we offer additional explanations regarding the different types of bonds and pricing calculations. If you select to purchase a single-entry bond (SEB), an additional ISF bond is required and will be added to the Quote automatically. Continuous bonds do not require an additional ISF bond. 

Most Express Shipments do not require a customs bond. If a bond is selected, and added to your Quote request, but not required due to the shipping mode (eg. most Express Shipments), the relevant bond charge(s) will not be added to the displayed Quotes.

Please note, however, that there are some Express Shipments that require a customs bond for U.S. imports due to the high Shipment value or commodity type. The Seller will adjust your Quote accordingly in these cases after booking.

Please note that if you do choose to purchase a customs bond independently, you must do so in a timely manner to avoid any Shipment delays. In the event that you have chosen to purchase a bond independently, you will be responsible for any ensuing charges, fees and/or penalties. relating to the customs process, like holds, storage and inspection. Freightos and your Seller will not be liable for any such charges, fees and/or penalties. If you purchase a customs bond through Freightos it is the Seller’s or third-party customs broker’s responsibility to purchase the bond in a timely manner and to make it available to you upon request.

Ocean Shipments to many countries require a security filing with the relevant customs authority. Imports to the U.S. require an Importer Security Filing (ISF) form to be completed. An ISF filing fee will be added to your Quote, if you’ve selected ‘Yes’, to add customs brokerage service to your Quote. If you select not to purchase customs brokerage through Freightos, and plan to coordinate customs brokerage independently, it will be your responsibility to ensure that your contracted customs broker performs the ISF filing. Failure to perform this security filing on time subjects the importer to severe penalties from the relevant customs agency, which will be your responsibility.


What currency is my Quote in?

Quotes may appear in USD, GBP or EUR, depending on a number of factors, most importantly your country location. Rates may be submitted to Freightos by your Seller in any currency, and will be converted to USD or to your local currency at the time of quoting. For Custom Quotes (see above), rates will be submitted in USD exclusively. In cases where there is a conversion rate, the conversion rate will be set as the middle rate known at the time of the generation of the Quote.


How do I complete my Booking?

Now that you have reviewed your selected Quote and decided whether to include customs and insurance, click ‘Select’ to proceed with your Booking. Two brief online pages are required to finalize your booking: 

Company and Shipment details page

You will be requested to input the following basic information: 1) Company Name; 2) Full Name; 3) Phone Number; 4) Commodity description; 5) Comments (optional). 

For easy reference, your Shipment details, Seller name, load information and cancellation policy will always be displayed on the right hand side of the page. Click ‘Proceed to payment’ to complete your booking on the final payment details page.

Note: At any time you may return to the previous page to make any adjustments to your selected Quote. 

Payment details page

On this page, your total Quote will be presented, including a breakdown of your Seller’s Shipment charges, customs brokerage, insurance, and Freightos platform fee. Duties and taxes are not included in the Quote. A link to the Freightos Transparent Policy is also accessible, as well as explanations regarding each line item in your total. By booking your Shipment, you enter into a contract directly with your selected Seller. Freightos collects payment on behalf of your Seller.

It is important to note that the processing of your Shipment will only begin once there is financial approval. By clicking ‘Pay & Book Shipment’, you, you agree with the Freightos terms of booking below:


Terms of booking

I confirm that the details I provided are correct and I accept the terms of the Quote. 

By clicking “Pay & Book Shipment” I agree to the Freightos Master Services Agreement, Buyer Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Freightos will confirm your booking within one business day and your selected logistics provider will arrange pickup.


How can I pay for my Shipment?

Freightos offers the following three payment options:

  • Freightos AutoPay via credit card. This payment option allows you to save your credit card information to your account, and have Shipment costs automatically charged to that card. When you pay by credit card, you consent to pay for the original Quote and any cost adjustments, including duties and taxes for third party customs brokerage, as detailed in the Transparent Pricing Policy. Learn about the measures we take to keep your credit card secure here.
  • Pay with wire transfer or ACH. This payment option allows you to pay by wire transfer or ACH bank debit, and your Shipment will be processed only once the payment amount reflects on Freightos’ bank account. This may take up to seven days from the date of transfer. Setting the ACH value date to “Same Day” may help expedite the transfer. If a satisfactory proof of the wire or ACH completion is provided to Freightos, the Shipment will be processed imminently, subject to Freightos’ financial approval process. A sufficient proof is an official bank confirmation of the wire or ACH completion. We are unable to accept print screens of payment orders on online payment platforms.
  • Use my Freightos credit. This payment option allows you to pay for your Shipment on approved credit terms. Apply for credit on ship.freightos.com by clicking the ‘Apply for credit’ button. If you have applied for and been approved for Freightos credit, you may choose this payment method when booking. If your credit account is in good standing and the booked Shipment is within your approved credit limit, your booking will receive financial approval. Freightos credit is granted by formal approval letter only. A credit limit and payment terms are advised as part of this approval letter. Credit will only be set up once you have signed and returned a company stamped copy of the approval letter to our financial operations team. Your approved credit limit will then be set up on your account, and viewable with up-to-date outstanding balance via your ‘Billing’ page.

Freightos credit information:

Freightos offers credit to business customers in the U.S., Canada and UK only, subject to a formal application process, as available under applicable laws and financial regulations. Freightos does not currently offer credit in other countries or territories.

Shipment invoices are accessible directly from ship.freightos.com. A proforma invoice is accessible upon booking, followed by a tax invoice ten business days after your Shipment is delivered. Your approved payment terms begin on the tax invoice date, at which point you are required to settle owed balances by wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% convenience fee.

Note that Freightos is not obligated to extend credit to any customer, and any decision in this respect is at Freightos’ sole discretion. Credit and payment terms provided by Freightos only cover shipping and insurance premium fees, and are not applicable to duty or tax payments. If payment is not made within the approved payment terms, Freightos reserves the right to withdraw the approved credit line with immediate effect, pursue legal collection, and report the outstanding debt to our third party credit agencies. 

If the outstanding credit debt is not settled within fourteen days, the customer will be restricted and prevented from using Freightos. If the outstanding credit debt is not settled after thirty days, the customer’s outstanding debt will be handed over to a collection agent or subject to other escalatory measures. In case a customer’s credit line is withdrawn due to payment delinquency, the credit line cannot be reinstated until any and all outstanding debt is paid in full to Freightos and the customer completes a new credit application, subject to new evaluation.


Congrats! Now that I’ve placed my Booking – what’s next?

Before your Seller can process your Shipment, you will be prompted on your shipment details page to provide the following items. Once completed, your Shipment may be approved and released to your Seller. Provide the following required items in order to complete your Shipment: 

1. Consignor details. The exporter of record for your Shipment. Usually the factory, sourcing agent, etc.

2. Consignee details. The importer of record responsible for paying duties and freight charges. Usually you or your client.

Note: Use our address book to save both Consignor and Consignee details for easy selection on a next Shipment.

3. Commercial invoice. A formal proof of sale between you and your supplier or customer, including your company name, quantity and description of the goods and Shipment value. Upload directly to Freightos.

4. Financial approval. As noted above, Freightos offers the following three payment options: 1) Freightos AutoPay via credit card; 2) Wire transfer / ACH; 3) Freightos credit for approved customers. Note: Regardless of which payment option was selected at booking, payment may always be paid by credit card on your Shipment charges page.

5. Power of Attorney (POA) form. Fill in the POA form, if required, according to the form instructions and upload. If you have any questions contact your Seller or Freightos customer success team.

Depending on your mode and the specifics of your Shipment, you may be asked to also provide the following:

Packing List. This document describes the volume, weight, and number of boxes in your Shipment, and can be obtained from your supplier.

– MSDS – Material safety data sheet. For goods with lithium batteries or otherwise classified as hazardous or potentially hazardous, you will be asked to upload an up-to-date (non-expired) MSDS sheet, as provided by your supplier.


What other resources are available to manage my Shipments? 

Freightos offers you additional tools and resources to effectively manage your Shipments. Please take some time to navigate your account on ship.freightos.com. Some highlights: 

  • Manage your Shipments. Organize all your shipments in one place. Configure to sort and filter your Shipments by booking date, Shipment status, PO number, Seller name, mode, etc.. Control directly online or export to Excel.
  • Manage individual Shipment costs and tracking.  
    • Shipment details
      • Summary: Booking details, route, requested services.
      • Transit information: Key milestone dates and tracking.
      • Consignor and Consignee: Address book with saved contact details. 
      • Documents: Commercial invoice, Power of attorney, Packing list.
    • Shipment charges
      • Shipment cost breakdown, including: Initial freight Quote (IFQ), platform fee, customs brokerage, insurance and additional charges.
      • Download a proforma invoice and tax invoice (see above).
      • Payments: Pay your Shipment by credit card, add a card to AutoPay.
    • Quotes
      • Review your full Quote details, including as relevant depending on the mode and terms of your Shipment: Pickup and origin, main freight leg, delivery and destination and customs brokerage charges. 
    • Billing
      • View your approved credit line amount.
      • Manage your available credit outstanding.
      • Select Shipments for payment.
      • Access your updated statement of account.
    • Help center
      • Access Freightos’ extensive help center with pertinent articles about the platform and industry.
    • Customer success – live assistance
      • Initiate a live chat with the Freightos customer success team by clicking on the chat icon, located on the bottom right side of the page.


How can I contact my Seller?

Freightos helps to facilitate direct communication between you and your Seller. Once your Shipment has been booked and released, the Freightos messenger tool will allow you to chat with your Seller. The Freightos customer success team can also launch a new Messenger chat to facilitate this communication. Your Seller will provide additional contact information as necessary. All Messenger communication is logged and stored in your account for easy retrieval.

Freightos invests significant efforts and resources into connecting Buyers and Sellers. When Freightos introduces a Buyer and a Seller, we ask that they transact exclusively through Freightos for 24 months following the first transaction. Booking off the platform with a Seller during that period may result in account suspension.  


What happens if I need to modify my Shipment details? 

If you become aware of any changes regarding your Shipment (e.g. delivery address change, new point of contact to receive cargo, load change, new commercial invoice or packing list, etc.) please communicate the relevant change(s) immediately to your Seller. Your Seller will in turn update you with any resulting adjustments (additional charges or refunds) to the Shipment or Shipment cost. In some cases, the Seller may request your approval for the change. Please respond promptly to any subsequent messages from your Seller in order to avoid delays or additional costs incurred, for which you will be responsible.


Can a Seller refuse to handle or cancel my Shipment?

Should your Shipment not be compliant, for any reason, with any applicable laws, or should there be a KYC (“Know Your Customer”) compliance issue in connection with your company, a Seller may refuse to handle your Shipment, and request to cancel it. Your Seller may only cancel a Shipment under the following circumstances:

  • Your Seller cannot physically execute the Shipment because of Force Majeure. Any change in market conditions or carrier availability is not considered a valid reason for Shipment cancellation.
  • Should there be a material discrepancy between the details you have entered in your Quote request or Shipment page and the actual description of the goods, pickup time, or other substantial discrepancies. Your Seller may charge you for any documented and commercially reasonable costs incurred. 
  • You fail to meet your Sellers’ internal legal compliance requirements, as documented and required by their internal policies.
  • You are unresponsive for 14 calendar days after the Shipment is verified, and do not answer pertinent questions from your Seller in order to execute the Shipment. 

Any cancellation costs advised by your Seller must be in line with actual fees incurred by the Seller, and only if incurred following goods pickup. Proof of charges must be given. Any cancellation by your Seller or failure to execute the Shipment other than for these reasons is considered a breach of contract. In such a case, the Seller may be liable for any losses incurred, such as alternate transportation costs, excluding consequential damages to any party. In such cases and in any case of lack of execution of a Shipment, you are entitled to rebook the Shipment with a different Seller.


Can I cancel my Shipment? Will I be refunded? Can Freightos cancel my Shipment?

Shipments may be cancelled and refunded in full, with no additional charge, before your Seller has processed your Shipment. Refunds are processed by the Freightos financial operations team; for credit card refunds you will typically see the funds back in your account within three to five business days, and for wire transfer refund are processed every two weeks. You may also cancel your Shipment if for any reason your Seller has not fulfilled their obligation under the Freightos MSA or other Freightos policies. In this case, you may request to cancel your Shipment and rebook with another Seller. Should you, however, request to cancel your Shipment after the Seller has already incurred costs, you will be charged for the relevant commercially reasonable and documented costs, and refunded the remainder. 

Freightos may cancel a Shipment if you have failed to comply with stated payment or credit policies in the past including payment delinquency. A Shipment may also be canceled if Freightos believes that you may not be legally eligible to purchase the underlying freight services, or your account has been restricted for other violations, including but not limited to abusive or harassing language or behavior, transmission of counterfeit documentation, exceeding an acceptable number of daily searches, or other violations. Freightos may notify the parties that a Shipment has been cancelled at any time due to non-compliance with the Freightos MSA or other policies. 

Before a Shipment is verified and submitted to your Seller for processing, Freightos checks all Buyers against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) database of the US Department of the Treasury. Buyers’ information is checked as part of the post-booking checklist process, where Buyer details (name, company name) as well as the consignor and consignee details (name, address) are checked against the OFAC database to ensure that no sanctioned individual is permitted to execute a Shipment via the platform.

After Freightos has done this preliminary review, and once all other mandatory fields in your Booking have been completed, the platform will update the Shipment status to “Booking sent to logistics provider”. 


How can I get more information regarding an additional Shipment charge? 

Shipments booked on Freightos are subject to the Transparent Pricing Policy. The guidelines and criteria for charge adjustments to any Shipments are governed by this policy.  When you book a Quote with your Seller, you will know what is included and what is not included in your Quote. Optional services can be added to your Quote as needed (e.g. Customs brokerage and associated services, insurance, palletization and labelling, etc.). Legitimate additional costs may also arise during the Shipment lifecycle (e.g. Weight, quantity and/or dimension adjustments, unsuccessful pickup / delivery attempts, etc.). Your Seller will add the relevant charge to your shipment page.  

The Transparent Pricing Policy outlines in detail six different categories of charges:

  1. Charges included in the Quote. Standard charges which must be included in an issued Quote from Freightos Sellers.
  2. Charges not included in the initial Quote. Platform charges (Freightos’ platform fee, Disbursement, and convenience fees).
  3. Charges between Buyer and Seller. Government and passthrough charges, free time, and storage.
  4. Price adjustments due to rate validity. If a Shipment is not brought to the port before the expiration date of the rate booked.
  5. Additional services can be added to your booking. E.g. Insurance / Cargo Protection, customs brokerage, and related services including bonds.
  6. Additional services or charges that may occur during the Shipment lifecycle. E.g. Weight, quantity and/or dimension adjustments, unsuccessful pickup/delivery attempts, change in the delivery requirements, etc.


What if I have a dispute with my Seller?

While your Shipment booking is a direct agreement with your Seller, Freightos seeks to help ensure that both parties have a mutually beneficial experience, and provides a framework for Buyers and Sellers to resolve disputes. You agree that any disputes which arise will be bound by the dispute process as presented here, in the Freightos.com Dispute Policy. If you choose to dispute a specific charge, please submit your dispute form here

Once a dispute case is submitted you will be provided with the opportunity to support your claim with evidence documentation within a reasonable time as needed according to the nature of the dispute. The Freightos.com Team will mark the disputed Shipment as disputed in the system, which will temporarily stop collection on that amount until the dispute case is resolved. 

Once all evidence is received, the Freightos.com Team will review the documentation provided by both yourself and the Seller. A dispute summary will be created by the Freightos.com Team including all the events regarding the Shipment, the specifics of the disputed amount, the evidence submitted by both parties and the final decision. The dispute summary document will be provided to both parties upon dispute closure. If additional information is necessary to reach a decision in the dispute case, the Freightos.com Team will reach out for further clarification. The Freightos.com Team will notify you of the outcome of the dispute process within five business days from the last evidence submission. Please note that the decision in the dispute summary is final and binding, it cannot be reopened for a secondary review or subsequent dispute. We encourage you to submit substantial evidence during the dispute process to support your claim.

When your Freightos Seller is also the customs broker, you should submit any disputes regarding the duty amount directly to the Seller. When FedEx or Clearit (third party) is the customs broker, you will be able to submit a dispute via the Freightos dispute form. Please note that you can only open a dispute about the duty amount once you pay the original amount, because duties are a government levy. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection reserves the right to restrict the importer for non-payment, even if faced with a dispute.  If the amount is not paid the shipment will not be released and you will also incur any resulting payments including storage charges. If you want to proceed with a dispute, once the amount is paid, you can open a dispute via the dispute form indicating the reason for which you would like to dispute the duty amount. After we receive your dispute, we will contact the third party customs broker who will apply to open a dispute case for you with USCBP. Please note that dispute resolutions with USCBP can take up to 90 days. If USCBP decides in favor of you, the buyer will receive the refund directly from USCBP. If the dispute is decided against you, the third party customs broker will notify us and we will communicate USCBP’s decision to you.


How is payment handled for Warehousing or Storage charges?

From time to time, short-term warehousing or storage services may be requested or required as part of your Shipment. Similarly, demurrage and/or detention charges may be applicable in specific cases where a Shipment exceeded the time allotted at port or terminal. As set out in the Freightos Transparent Pricing Policy, these charges are the responsibility of the Buyer. A number of practical recommendations can help mitigate potential demurrage or detention charges (eg. Timely customs clearance processing, reliable trucking provider appointed ahead of time, etc.). 

In contrast to additional charges added by your Seller directly to the Freightos Shipment page (see above Transparent Pricing Policy), applicable warehousing, storage, demurrage and detention charges are handled directly between you and your Seller. Your Seller will make best efforts to mitigate these charges while operating your Shipment. 


How do I leave a review for my Freightos Seller? 

Seller reviews are an important component to consider when selecting your Quote and Seller on Freightos. Upon Shipment delivery, you will receive an email with a link to provide a review for both your Seller and Freightos. Your honest opinion of your experience is sincerely appreciated.  Freightos maintains the right to remove or edit reviews for clarity, profanity or libel.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: ship@freightos.com


When will my cargo be considered abandoned?

By booking a Shipment, you are committing to paying for the Quote and having the consignee accept the Shipment upon delivery. 

In the following cases, your cargo may be considered abandoned:

  • In a to-port shipment, if you do not make the necessary arrangements for the consignee to pick up the goods from the CFS/Warehouse/CY within 10 calendar days (or extended free time where relevant).
  • In a to-door shipment, the consignee does not cooperate in customs clearance or prevents delivery efforts within 10 calendar days (or extended free time where relevant) after release notice.

The Seller must notify you in writing that the Shipment delivery cannot continue due to your failure to make necessary arrangements or cooperate in customs clearance, and must make all reasonable attempts to mitigate damages and reduce associated costs, prior to treating a Shipment as Abandoned Cargo. If you do not rectify the failure within 6 calendar days from receiving such notices, The Seller shall be entitled to treat the Shipment as Abandoned Cargo. The Seller must have proof that such notification was given.

In cases of Abandoned Shipments, where the Seller made the necessary attempts to complete the shipment before abandoning it, the shipment costs paid are not refundable. This is due to the fact that the Seller has already incurred the shipping costs before abandoning the shipment.

Freightos policies and agreements incorporated by reference:

Freightos Master Services Agreement

Freightos Marketplace SOP

Freightos Copyright and IP Policy

Freightos Privacy Policy

Freightos Transparent Pricing Policy

Freightos Dispute Policy

List of Excluded Goods



The capitalized terms used in this document shall be defined as follows:

Abandoned Cargo: Cargo which the consignee has not made the necessary arrangements to pick-up from the CFS/Warehouse/CY, or has not cooperated in customs clearance, or has prevented delivery efforts within 10 calendar days (or extended free time if available) after release notice and barring any dispute with Seller.

Booking: The act of accepting a Quote which establishes a contract with your Seller for the freight services covered by that Quote.

Buyer: An entity that books freight services through Freightos.

Custom Quote: A tailored price offering of a Seller to match your chosen shipping criteria and stored in your Freightos account.

Freight Services: Any service ordered from a Seller on Freightos including but not limited to freight, insurance, customs brokerage, etc.

Gate-in date (validity date, rate validity period): The range of dates during which the rates remain valid.

KYC: “Know your customer”. Internal Seller criteria necessary for accepting a booking.

Quote: An automated price offering of a Seller generated by Freightos software to match your chosen shipping criteria.

Seller: An entity that sells and provides freight services through Freightos.

Shipment: A booked freight shipment based on a Quote, which has been confirmed for subsequent execution by your selected Seller. The Shipment (Booking), establishes a contract with your Seller for the freight services covered by that Quote.