Terms and Conditions for Freightos Buyers

Buying freight is simple with Freightos. We try to make our legal terms and conditions as simple as possible too. Read on to learn how Freightos works.

Last updated: December 18, 2019

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our marketplace which is available at freightos.com and its subdomains and related domains (the “Site”) and through our mobile apps (“Freightos App”). These Terms and Conditions were last updated on December 18, 2019 and may be updated and/or changed from time to time. The last published edition on the Site shall govern any shipment booked by you on the Site. We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time. These Terms and Conditions are legally binding and cover all of your transactions on Freightos and are in addition to the Freightos Master Services Agreement (MSA) which governs your use of the Site and the Freightos Services. There are also Freightos policies and other important documents which operate in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions and which are incorporated by reference. A full list and link to these binding policies and documents is set forth at the end of these Terms and Conditions. These documents and these Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time, and to the extent that there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the MSA, the provisions of the MSA shall override.

Can anyone sign up to Freightos?

Anyone can sign up to Freightos however Freightos complies with all applicable laws so should any signup be unlawful for any reason whatsoever it will be denied and shipments made under any such signup will be cancelled at your responsibility.

Who are the Service Providers quoting on the freightos.com?

Freightos Service Providers are made up of a global network of first-rate logistics service providers. Freightos takes measures to ensure that only high-quality freight forwarders and carriers offer and provide services on the Freightos Marketplaces. We call Service Providers “Sellers” and you will see that term used throughout these Terms and Conditions. The measures we use to ensure that only top rate Sellers offer services to you include but are not limited to interviews, data reviews, customer feedback, Seller activity reports, and more.

What can I ship?

You can ship almost anything boxed, palletized or containerized on Freightos.

However, there are some shipments that our forwarders cannot currently support please see our List of Excluded Goods for more details.

If you fail to properly disclose what is being shipped, for example, hazardous materials, then the Seller will not be obligated to execute the shipment and you will be responsible for any costs incurred.

For shipments needing FDA approval, please see further information here.

Does it cost anything to use Freightos?

It is completely free to sign up and search on Freightos.

You’ll only be asked for payment once you choose a Quote and book a shipment. This will include payment to the Seller for the services booked and a Freightos platform fee. This fee helps us run our platform and offer ongoing support for your shipment.

Who is responsible for my shipment?

The Seller you book with bears full responsibility for the successful execution of your shipment as booked on the platform. Freightos is a freight procurement platform that allows you to gather information about freight services, book shipments and track execution. Freightos handles payment collection for the Sellers but is not a party to the shipments that you book on Freightos. The Sellers are not agents, contractors, or otherwise affiliated entities of Freightos. We don’t endorse any Sellers, and we don’t in any way supervise, direct or control a Seller’s performance of Freight Services.

What is included in the Quotes I see?

The Quote includes a breakdown of everything that is included. The Quote is based on the parameters and completeness of the information that you have provided. The Quote does not include government charges such as the cost of customs duties, customs exams and inspections related charges or additional charges unknown at the time of placing your Order or that may arise due to discrepancies between the information provided and the actual shipment. Our Sellers are obligated to stand by their Quote throughout the validity period so the original Quote is accurate and will not change. The Quote is based on the input that you provide when searching, so if there is a deviation between your original input and what was actually shipped, or if your pickup times changed, this may impact the accuracy of the Quote, and it may change. There may also be additional government charges that are outside the control of the Seller which you will be charged for.

That said, the freight industry presents many unknowns. Freightos and its partners are committed to reducing the uncertainties with defined and transparent pricing wherever possible, but the Quote may need to be adjusted depending on circumstances. This is all clearly set out in the Transparent Pricing Policy. If you ever feel that a charge has been added in error and not in line with the Transparent Pricing Policy you may dispute the charge on Freightos.

Do the quotes I see include cargo insurance?

You can include cargo insurance in your quote by checking the insurance box on the search page. Cargo insurance is based on the value of your goods and does not cover your freight costs. If you choose to purchase insurance through Freightos, your Quote will include the cost of an insurance policy. These services may be purchased directly through a third party service provider on Freightos or through those selected Sellers on the Marketplace that also offer their own insurance services. If you did not add insurance at the time of booking, you can contact the Freight Team (ship@freightos.com) to add insurance to your shipment, as long as the goods have not been picked up. 

If you do not include insurance in your booking, your shipment will not be insured through the chosen Seller or third party provider. You may choose to arrange insurance on your own and bear responsibility for any claims.

Once insurance has been purchased for your shipment, the insurance certificate will be added to the shipment page on Freightos. The certificate will outline the details of your policy and how to make a claim.

How do I make a claim on my cargo insurance policy? 

If you purchased insurance from your Seller, and you need to file a claim for missing or damaged goods, you will need to submit the claim according to the Seller or third party provider’s instructions. For any shipments valued at over USD 150,000, please check the extent of coverage with your Seller. Please note that Falvey claims are paid out in USD.

Please inspect the delivery before signing off and if you see any damage, note any damage next to your signature to support your claim. If you notice any damages, please try to document them as well as possible (including photographs) and reach out to your Seller immediately .

Please note that if you purchase an insurance policy, it may include a deductible. Your Seller can provide you with all information on the terms of your policy.

How do I choose the right quote for my shipment?

Freightos provides several sorting options and filters that you can use to help you. These filters are defined by Freightos criteria and may change from time to time and may not take your specific needs into consideration. Please apply your own criteria when making your choice.

You can also look at the reviews that other Buyers have submitted to help you in making your decision, however, please note that these reviews are the subjective opinion of other Buyers and have not been verified or endorsed by Freightos.

Do the quotes I see include customs brokerage?

Customs handling is included in quotes by default. You can exclude this service by un-checking the customs brokerage option on the search page. If customs brokerage is included in your quote, these services may be purchased directly through a third party Provider on Freightos or Sellers on the Marketplace. In either case your shipment will be handled by a licensed Customs Broker on your behalf. For air and ocean shipments you may be asked to fill in a Power of Attorney (POA), to give the customs broker the authority to handle this process for you.   

If you exclude customs brokerage from your quote, you will be responsible for ensuring customs are handled and for covering all costs, including any costs arising from delays, if customs is not cleared.

You may see quotes where the Seller does not offer customs brokerage. In that case it will be indicated on the quote that customs brokerage is not included and you will need to arrange this directly with your own agent or choose another Seller.

Sharing customs information with third party providers

When customs is handled by a third party customs broker, Freightos and the third party broker will share information generally considered confidential under 19 C.F.R. § 111.24 with one another for the purpose of providing the services for that booking only.

What does FedEx Trade Networks & Brokerage, Inc. Customs Brokerage include?

Import customs clearance Includes:

Importer Activation,  Admissibility Review, ACE Cargo Release,  Duty & Tax Computation, ABI Processing, ACE Entry Summary, Compliance Review, Free-Trade Application, Preparation of Duty Payment, Liquidation Monitoring, Shipment/Event Tracking, Status Notification, Entry Data Archiving, Images Online.

Other Charges That May Apply:

Additional Invoice Lines (after 5) – $2.50 each

Partner Government Agency (PGA) Processing – $20.00 per agency

FedEx Trade Networks customs brokerage fees are in U.S. dollars and are based on the assumption that all documents, etc. are furnished and only the normal detail in handling is involved. When special handling or other customs brokerage services are needed, appropriate charges are made.

Charges for any special services not included in this schedule would be by mutual agreement only.

Customs duties, fees, and taxes are not included in this quote.

FedEx Trade Networks bond fees do not apply, provided they have a valid Power of Attorney (POA) allowing FedEx Trade Networks to utilize your existing surety bond.

Which documents are needed for customs brokerage?

The following documents are needed for customs brokerage. If this is the first time you are ordering services from this customs broker, the order will only become binding once the POA is submitted and validated by the customs broker.

When booking your shipment, you will need to provide:

  • Commercial invoice.
  • Signed Power Of Attorney (POA) 

Your Freight Forwarder will provide the following, once the shipment is in-transit:

  • Master Bill Of Lading (MBOL)
  • Arrival Notice (AN)

Freightos will transfer these documents upon receipt to the customs broker. 

How do I pay for Customs Duties & Taxes?

Duties and taxes can be paid via an ACH to the customs authorities or via Autopay on the Freightos platform. However, any duties amount exceeding 10,000 USD must be charged via Direct ACH.  In a case where the Marketplace Seller is handling the customs brokerage, you will need to pay this separately via your Seller. In both cases you will only be invoiced once the goods arrive at the destination port. Duties and taxes are due 10 days post invoicing.

Please take into account that there may be additional wire or credit card fees for these payments. 

Shipments and goods may be delayed, detained, or withheld from release if customs duties are not paid in a timely manner and you may be liable for any costs and/or damages arising from delayed payment, including, but not limited to, storage charges. It is critical that you provide any needed documentation and payments in a timely manner to avoid charges. Freightos and Sellers will not be liable in any manner for any delays, detention or damages to goods arising from failure to make timely payment of Customs and other government duties. Failure to remit payment to the US customs authorities will result in the Importer of Record being blacklisted by the US authorities and penalties/fines. Blacklisted IORs are prevented from importing to the United States until payment is made in full for both duty and penalties/fine.

Which payment methods are available for paying duties and taxes when using  third party customs brokerage?

If you choose third party customs brokerage on the Freightos platform, you will be asked to choose between two payment methods currently available for settling duty payments:

  1. Direct ACH to the customs authorities: Direct ACH is an electronic payment option that allows importers to pay and receive refunds for customs fees, duties, and taxes electronically. We recommend that you sign up for Direct ACH with the United States Customs & Border Protection. When doing so, your account will be debited for the full duties amount 10 business days following the arrival of your goods. For more information and to sign up, click here.
  2. Autopay via the Freightos platform: if registering for the autopay option, the credit card registered by you upon signup will be debited for the full duty amount on the due date of your duty invoice.
    If the Autopay payment fails due to insufficient funds on the credit card, you will be responsible to remit payment via wire/ACH transfer within two business days to Freightos. If payment is not received within 2 business days after due date (12 days after arrival at destination port), Freightos reserves the right to forward the unpaid debt to a collection agent.This duty payment method is subject to a 2.5% disbursement fee.

Credit and payment terms provided by Freightos are not applicable to duty payments.

Do I need to purchase a customs bond?

A customs bond is required for all US imports (excluding most Express shipments). This can either be a single-entry bond (SEB) or a continuous bond. If you don’t already have a customs bond, you can choose to add either a single-entry bond or a continuous bond to your quote. Please note if you choose to purchase a bond on your own, you must do so in a timely manner to avoid any shipment delays, in which case you will be liable for all associated costs and the Seller will not be liable for delays. If you choose to purchase the bond through the Marketplace Seller or a customs broker third party provider, then it is the Seller’s or customs brokers responsibility to purchase the bond in a timely manner and to make it available to you upon request.

Ocean shipments to the US require an ISF filing; an ISF fee will be added to your quote. If you purchase a single-entry bond (SEB), an additional ISF bond is required and will be added automatically; continuous bonds to not require an additional ISF bond.

There are some Express shipments that require a customs bond for US imports due to high value or commodity type. The Seller will adjust your quote accordingly in these cases.

Can I use my own customs broker for a shipment I book on Freightos?

You are free to use your own customs broker for shipments booked on Freightos. Please note, however, that failure to have customs brokerage in place may cause delays.

If you choose to use your own customs broker, you will have full responsibility for timely clearing and be liable for any delays and any costs, including demurrage, storage, and other fees arising from customs clearance.

Can I get “Known Shipper” rates on Freightos?

If you are a Known Shipper and have been properly registered with the TSA by an air carrier or freight forwarder you should tick the “Known Shipper” box to be shown rates on passenger aircrafts as well as on cargo planes. If you book a passenger rate and your status as a Known Shipper can not be validated, your Seller will suggest an alternative if available and otherwise may cancel at your own cost with no liability to Freightos or the chosen freight provider.

Can I save a Quote to use later?

You may save a Quote at any time prior to the expiration of the validity of the Quote. The Seller may not withdraw a Quote within the validity period, other than in the case of unforeseeable circumstances or a technical error, and only after receiving Freightos prior written approval.

Can I know which carrier my shipment will be booked on?

The Quote does not always specify the carrier name or the route and that is at the Seller’s discretion. Our freight forwarders work with reputable, international carriers and third party service providers. If the service level (e.g. direct or indirect) is specified in the Quote the Seller must provide the service quoted.

You may also have the opportunity, depending on your search terms, to book directly with a carrier.

I didn’t get an instant result for my search. Can I get a quote on Freightos anyway?

If your search is within the regions that Freightos supports, you will be prompted to submit a request for a custom quote from within the Freightos platform. We will reach out to our Sellers to request a custom quote for you, however we cannot assure you that we will find a Quote so this does not bind you or Freightos in any way.

How do I book a shipment on Freightos?

Once you have searched for quotes you can book a shipment by clicking “Book”, entering required details, choosing your prefered payment method and clicking “Place Order”. By doing this you enter into a contract directly with the Seller to handle your shipment according to the quote chosen. At this point you will be asked to provide detailed information and documentation needed to begin processing your shipment.

What documents are needed to process my shipment?

Depending on your mode and shipment specifics, you may be asked to provide the following:


  • Commercial Invoice – This should include your company name, quantity & description of goods, and the shipment value.
  • Packing List (optional) – This describes the volume, weight and number of boxes of your shipment. It’s preferable to include a Packing List in order to give the freight forwarder an idea of what your shipment contains.
  • Power of Attorney – You will be sent this to fill in and sign in order for the customs broker to act on your behalf in submitting the goods for classification.
  • MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet (only for goods with lithium batteries) – to ship goods with lithium batteries through a forwarder on the Freightos Marketplace, you will need to upload a valid, up-to-date authentic MSDS provided by your supplier.

There may be additional documents needed depending on your chosen shipment.

What happens if I am missing documents?

You need to make sure all required documentation for your shipment reaches your service provider in a timely fashion. If documentation is missing the shipment can be cancelled and you may have to pay actual fees incurred.

Why was I charged extra for export documentation?

If you are exporting goods from China, it is your supplier’s responsibility to supply the Seller with export license documentation. If your supplier is unable to supply these documents, under certain circumstances your Seller may be able to help you get these documents, and if so you will be charged a fee for this service.

How can I contact my Seller?

You can contact your Seller by going to your shipment page on Freightos or by replying to the shipment initiation email. By using these methods you ensure that all communications are available for review and audit within your shipment.

What happens if there are changes to my shipment?

If you become aware of any changes regarding your shipment you must communicate them immediately to your Seller. Your Seller will in turn update you with any resulting amendments to the shipment or shipment cost. Often it is the Seller who will find out about changes directly from your supplier or during pickup. They will update you directly along with any resulting amendments to the shipment or shipment cost. If the additional charge for the changed load is substantially different than the original quote for the shipment, your Seller has the option not to proceed with the shipment until receiving written agreement to the charge from you. If you don’t answer promptly, the Seller may return the goods to the Loading Point and/or put the goods in storage or otherwise handle the shipment as they determine best, including continuing execution of the Order, and you will be responsible to cover all of the costs arising from the changed load and chosen handling of shipment.

Can a Seller refuse to handle my shipment?

Freightos and all Sellers are bound to comply with all applicable laws. Should your shipment not be compliant, for any reason, with applicable laws, or should there be a KYC (“Know Your Customer”) compliance issue in connection with your company, a Seller may refuse the shipment. The Seller can also refuse a shipment lacking correct documentation or whose commodity is listed here or if you have misrepresented anything about your shipment. Freightos may also reject shipments if you have failed to comply with the Freightos terms and policies in the past. Sellers may not refuse to handle shipments for any other reasons.

Can I cancel my shipment? Will I be refunded?

You can see the cancellation policy on the quote tile and in the booking process. Most of our Sellers offer a Standard cancellation policy. You can cancel your shipment and Order, but if a Seller has already incurred costs, you will be charged for any commercially reasonable costs and refunded the remainder.

Carriers that are selling on Freightos offer a Strict cancellation policy, which is also indicated on the quote tile. For ocean carriers, a Strict cancellation policy is such that shipments cancelled less than 5 days before port cut-off, are subject to a penalty fee of 20% of the shipment cost.

Other carriers may have other cancellation policies; these will always be shown next to the Quote for your consideration before booking.

Do shipments booked on Freightos have guaranteed transit times and delivery dates?

Transit times are not guaranteed, and estimated delivery dates are good faith calculations on when your shipment is likely to arrive. Freightos and the Seller bear no responsibility for delivery occuring outside the estimated dates.

How do I pay for my Shipments?

Freightos will collect payment on behalf of the Seller, so you will receive your invoice and make payment through Freightos. Freightos offers the following payment options:


  • Freightos AutoPay – You can add a credit card to your account and have shipment costs automatically charged to that card.
  • Wire transfer / ACH payment. If you pay by wire transfer or ACH your shipment will be processed only once the payment amount reflects on Freightos’ bank account. This might take up to 7 days from the date of transfer.
  • Credit – If you have applied for and been approved a credit line with Freightos you may chose this payment method when booking. You will be invoiced according to terms, at which point you will settle your account by wire or ACH. Please note that Freightos is not obligated to give credit to any Buyer and any decision in this respect is at Freightos’ sole discretion and with no liability to Freightos.


When you pay by credit card, your consent to pay for the original quote will also be used to cover Additional Charges as detailed in the Transparent Pricing Policy.

There has been a change to my shipment and the Service Provider has updated me that the cost has changed. How do I pay the difference or receive a refund?

You will be invoiced for any additional costs up to 15 Business Days after the shipment is delivered. If you have Freightos AutoPay set up on your account the difference will be charged to the credit card on your account. Otherwise payment by wire will be due in accordance with your payment terms. You must make all payments in a timely manner. Failure to do so could lead to a collection process and Freightos will charge you, in addition to the actual charges, any costs associated with enforcement and collection.

How can I track my shipment?

In many cases, but not all, you can track your shipment online. Freightos attempts to bring the utmost transparency to all parts of the shipment process, including while in transit, however since tracking is often based on third party input, Freightos cannot ensure accuracy or availability of the tracking.

Can I book a shipment to port?

You can book a shipment to port through Freightos. This leaves you fully responsible for fulfilment of all port terms and timely customs clearing and pickup, all in accordance with port regulations.

How is door to door delivery coordinated?

After your goods have cleared customs your Seller will arrange delivery. Delivery will be during usual business hours. If you ask to delay delivery you may be charged for additional storage charges, detention/demurrage, and any other fees incurred by Seller.

If you booked an FBA delivery this already includes delivery scheduling fees.

What if I don’t pick up my goods from the warehouse/CFS/CY?

If you don’t pick up your goods in a timely manner or have not provided the necessary documentation for the release of your goods, your Seller may consider them abandoned and you will be responsible for all costs related to the storage or destruction of the goods.

My goods arrived damaged. How do I file a claim?

You will want to contact your Seller right away so they can help you file a claim and ensure it gets processed quickly. Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to insure your shipment, whether through Freightos or independently.

Are the reviews on Freightos reliable? How do I leave a review for the Seller I used?

All reviews are provided by validated Buyers who have purchased freight services on Freightos, however, please note that these reviews are the subjective opinion of other Buyers and have not been verified by Freightos. After your shipment is delivered, Freightos will email you asking that you provide a review on the Seller who executed the shipment. The ratings of these reviews are averaged to provide one collective rating for that Seller, and all reviews are visible on the quote results page. Freightos maintains the right to review or edit Buyer reviews for clarity, profanity, coarse language, and to remove any libel

I think there was a mistake with the charge I am being asked to pay. How can I contest it?

If your order has incurred additional charges, you will be notified by email from Freightos of these changes and any adjustment(s) to the cost of the Order, in accordance with the Transparent Pricing Policy. The adjusted shipment cost will also be reflected on your Shipment Charges page. After receiving notification, you will have 5 business days to dispute any changes made to the Order, by submitting the Additional Charge Dispute form. The Seller will be notified and will have 5 business days to reach a settlement with you. If a settlement is not reached, and the sum of the Additional Charge is under $10,000 USD, Freightos will adjudicate a final settlement based on all evidence presented by you and the Seller. If the charge is over $10,000 USD you will be required to reach an agreement directly with the Seller.

By booking freight services on Freightos, you agree that any and all disputes or claims that have arisen, or which may arise, between you and the Seller that relate in any way to, or arise out of, services booked and provided through Freightos up to a sum of $10,000 shall be resolved exclusively through this clause, rather than in court or arbitration or directly between you and Seller, and Freightos shall be the final arbiter of such disputes.

Can multiple users from the same company share a single account on freightos.com?

Multiple users from the same company may have access to the same company profile on Freightos. All users sharing a company profile will have full access to:

  • All shipments booked within that company profile
  • Credit awarded that company profile

You will be responsible for all payments for shipments made through your account, whether through credit card or Freightos credit.

I’m not located in the US, can I import into the US?

If you are not located in the country you are shipping to, there are certain requirements and regulations that must be fulfilled in order to import and fulfillment of these terms is your responsibility. Specifically, if you are shipping FBA, Amazon will not serve as your importer of record.

In order to import goods into the US, you can register as a foreign importer of record. Please see details here.

Please ensure that you have fulfilled all of the necessary requirements in order not to incur additional costs, including storage costs.

List of Freightos Policies and Lists incorporated by reference

Freightos Price List

Freightos Copyright and IP Policy

Freightos Privacy Policy, which you should read carefully.

Freightos Transparent Pricing Policy


List of Excluded Goods