• Terms of carriage as stated on the air waybill or bill of lading regulating transport, or stated on an accompanying document, will apply in all cases.
  • Unless stated otherwise in writing shall be regulated by the applicable national jurisdiction.
  • All transit times are estimates only. The Seller will not be held accountable for the early or late arrival of any shipment unless caused by Seller’s failure to execute as per quotation.
  • It is the client’s duty to declare to the Seller any device or material that may be considered dangerous goods on the relevant mode of carriage. The Seller will not be held accountable for any costs, delays, or legal proceedings, that may result from nondisclosure of possible dangerous goods and client will hold the Seller harmless for any costs or expenses arising from the failure to declare.
  • The Seller is not accountable for any unforeseen delay or expenses not included in the quote, due to any customs or governmental processes. Such processes include, but are not limited to customs inspections, various authority exams, customs hold, confiscation, HS code rejection, duty modifications, post-entry adjustments, etc.
  • Shipments will be covered by the Seller’s freight insurance, only when purchased by the Buyer as part of the freight order, and confirmed by the Seller in his verification of the shipment, before the cargo is accepted.
  • If the client has not explicitly requested customs clearance from the Seller, it is presumed that the shipper/consignee has a custom broker and all required commercial documents, import licenses, export licenses, etc., are ready before the cargo is accepted, and the Seller has no responsibility for any delays or other costs or damages arising from lack of documentation.