Transparent Pricing Policy

Forget hidden freight charges.

International freight shipping can be complicated, but Freightos is here to make it easier to navigate. The freight rates on our Marketplace are provided by freight companies you can trust. What you see is what you get, whether it’s a quote for air, ocean, express or trucking.

Freightos is bringing transparency to the freight industry. When you book a quote with Freightos, you will know what’s included, what’s not, and what additional services may come up during the lifecycle of the shipment.

Your quote is based on the information provided at the time of booking. If the actual shipment information (ie. load size, weight, palletized, etc.) differs from what was originally provided, we will update your quote and charge you accordingly.

Although the freight industry presents many unknowns, Freightos and its partners are committed to reducing the uncertainties with defined and transparent pricing wherever possible.
Below you will find a list of:

  1. Charges included in the Quote
  2. Optional services you can add to your Quote
  3. What charges are not included in your Quote
  4. Legitimate additional services that arise during the shipment lifecycle


1. Charges Included in the Quote

The following are standard fees included in an issued Quote from a Freightos Seller. The below list is meant as a guide, and is not exhaustive.

  • Main freight charges
    • Air, Ocean, Express, Zip code to Zip code trucking
  • All associated documentation and filing charges
    • Export clearance, AMS, AES Telex, Delivery Order
  • All required fuel and security surcharges
    • Fuel Surcharge, BAF, X-ray / Screening
  • All loading, handling, and facility moving charges required according to the quoted Incoterm (i.e., EXW, FOB)
    • Handling, CFS, Airport transfer
  • Pickup, delivery, and associated charges
    • Fuel, Chassis, Pier Pass, Remote Area Surcharges
  • Accessorial charges associated with pickup and delivery
    • Lift Gate, Residential


2. Optional Services you can add to your Quote for an additional fee

Each of these services can be added to your freight quote if you select them on the search page. Each has its own associated cost which will usually vary depending on the specifics of your shipment (ie. insurance and a single-entry customs bond are based on the shipment value, customs brokerage depends on number of commodities, etc.)

  • Customs brokerage / clearance and associated services
    • Import clearance, ISF filing
  • Customs bond
    • Single or continuous bond
  • Cargo insurance *

Shipping to an Amazon FBA or other fulfillment center? You can also add the following services:

  • Palletization / Shrink Wrap
  • Labelling
  • UPS / Fedex Labelling
  • Fulfillment Center Appointment Charges
  • Full Container Load Rework


3. What charges are not included in your Quote

  • Actual customs & duties levied by the government. These are only calculated when the goods are cleared for customs prior or after arrival depending on the destination, and therefore cannot be included upfront. Your Seller of the custom broker will contact you to arrange for payment of any customs duties once your goods clear customs.
  • Commodity specific charges
    • For example, if shipping foodstuffs, dangerous goods or pharmaceuticals, your shipment may be subject to additional services due to paperwork and licenses required.
    • Special handling required, i.e., fragile goods
  • Freightos’ Platform Fee
    • To help us run our platform and offer ongoing support for your shipment


4. Legitimate additional costs that arise during the shipment lifecycle.

At Freightos we do everything we can to get you an accurate freight Quote from the outset.  That said, it can happen that the details provided when booking a Quote do not match what the forwarder finds while processing a shipment. This can result in price adjustments as the forwarder accounts for any inconsistencies or modifications.

We’ve worked closely with our Sellers to come up with the below list of legitimate items that can impact your final cost.  Most changes to the cost arise if the shipment details provided by you when booking your Quote are different than the specifications of the actual shipment, or if you failed to provide the proper and complete documentation in a timely fashion.

You will be responsible for additional payments if any of the following arise:

Most common:

  • Weight, quantity and/or dimension adjustments
    • Change in the pallet count
    • Container size adjustments (i.e. 20’ to 40’)
  • Unsuccessful pickup / delivery attempts
  • Time taken to load / unload a shipment is beyond the Sellers’ allotted time
    • Free loading/waiting time is often decided by a trucking agent that the Freight Forwarder contracts. Typically, Free time is 1-2 hours, dependent on the delivery location type.
    • Free time my be exceeded due to port or warehouse congestion, an improperly packaged shipment, or missed appointments due to poor road conditions which can not be anticipated.
    • An hourly charge for loading/waiting time is added the the Buyer’s invoice once a Forwarder is notified of the charge by his trucking agent.
  • Additional services resulting from change in shipment Incoterm
  • Market-going repacking rates if shipment is poorly packed.

Other potential additional payments:

  • Late, incorrect, or insufficient submission of documents
    • Changes to commercial documents
    • Missing Export License
  • Rate changes if shipment is after validity date
  • Any charges related to Customs, Other Government Agency (OGA) and/or security inspections, including:
    • More lines for Customs declaration
    • Penalties for shipment holds
    • Tariff reclassification or other Government investigation costs
    • Additional trucking, warehousing and handling charges arising from the holding of a shipment
    • X-ray customs charges
    • Homeland charge
  • Buyer fines, container demurrage and detention due to missed pickup or delivery
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Rebooking because of incorrect information or missing documentation
  • Events of Force Majeure beyond the control of the Seller (ie. natural disaster, port strikes, etc.)
  • Additional services required that were not specified in the initial quote request including Amazon, UPS, trade show and other company specific services, such as fulfillment delivery charges, labelling or palletization charges
  • Labelling and palletization
  • Warehouse Storage and Handling
  • Homeland Charge
  • Dead Freight
  • Dedicated Truck/ oversize
  • Drop (FCL)
  • TelEx
  • Abandoned cargo
  • Congestion
  • Non-stackable
    • Rates shown for loose cargo on the Marketplace assumes that your cargo is Stackable (not fragile, regularly packaged so that other freight may be loaded on top of it). Non-stackable freight will use up more of the available freight volume in the vessel servicing your shipment.
  • Importer of Record / EORI services

Implementation of this transparent pricing policy is directly between Buyer and Seller. After the Seller adjusts the cost of the shipment and the Buyer is notified of the change, the Buyer then has 5 business days to initiate a dispute by submitting a dispute form. The Seller will then have 5 business days to reach out to Buyer and the parties should try to agree upon a settlement. If a settlement can’t be reached, Freightos will adjudicate.

*Cargo insurance coverage usually has a deductible, which is the amount that you must pay, out of pocket, before the insurer will pay any claim.  You can receive the details of your policy, including the amount of the deductible, directly from your service provider.