Freightos Releases Notes

This page is to highlight the major changes that we applied in each release/patch, which will grant having Online resource for these changes.The page will be updated after each release, and will be available for those having the link only. The audience can get benefits from this data  for tracking the changes that were done during a specific time period.

SaaS [Rate quotes]
  • Update top 1/3 of the rate quote page to match spot quotes [HWL]

    • Add Origins, Destinations, shipment details and options to rate quotes

    • Add load section to rate quote search page (Specific load Yes)

    • Add option (e.g. Hazardous, Customs, Insurance..etc) to rate quote search page

    • Specs are here

  • Show currencies in a one consistent presentation in rate quotes [HWL]

    • When no currency column exists in a rate quote tables, currencies are always shown in cells next to money amounts regardless if table had one currency or multiple currencies

    • All exchange rates are merged into one table same as spot quotes and appear above the rate quote footer

    • Specs are here

  • Add Port charges tables to rate quotes [HWL]

  • Add two new tables types in rate quotes templates

    • Origin port charges to capture origin fees

    • Destination port charges to capture destination fees

    • Specs are here

  • Fix general surcharges mapping in general fees tables [HWL]

    • Multiple origins/destinations general fees will show origins/destinations headers for the origins/destinations that exist in the service table

    • Specs are here

  • Rate quotes table enhancements [HWL]

    • Style rate quote table rows (same as spot quotes grey background)

    • Height is adjusted on view mode to match cells content

    • Fix resizing columns width to take effect in view mode

    • Use same headers styles when adding a new column header row in edit mode

  • Add new “Summary” field in quote when hiding all quote details [DB Schenker]

  • Add Frankfurt am Main seaport → code:DEFRA [Ceva WW]

  • Add Port of UST-LUGA seaport → code:RUULU


  • Have “Reviews: *****” Appear on MP tile only when there are reviews/stars

  • Update bottom half of the quote request page and add a play button that pops up a MP tutorial video


  • Support more endpoints exclusions

    • Support all combinations of zones and exclusion zones such as

      • Airports/Seaports exclusion from countries

      • Zip codes districts exclusion from larger zip code prefix

      • Zip codes/LLRs exclusion from cities/countries

    • Specs are here

  • Enhancements for the DS tool

    • “Radius” field is moved to the column level for the “POL” or “POD” column types in the tool

    • Add “None” field to the “Remarks” and “Surcharges” columns types

    • Enlarge the “Insert variable” area when using “Add Fees Formulas”

  • Fix the concatenated service comments & fee comments bug that does not display them in order

Bug Fixes

  • Format cells is not being applied when filing fees in customer tenders after conversion back from internal

  • Fix the bug where user country code appears as an origin and destination in the combined rate quote

  • Fix the bug of not showing Origin/Destination Fees for D2D quotes on MP

  • Fix the bug of disappearing the inserted Images in rate quote template free text segment after editing and saving the template.

  • Fix the error that appears when accessing quotes with editable exchange rate [HWL]

  • Fix the rate quote free text segment bug where Pickup/Delivery tariff comments do not appear when having multi-legs

  • Fix “Recalculate” custom method that doesn’t work for 3 legs rate quote



  • Main Freight results appearing without total in the services table
  • Duplicate services in services tables [due to feeds from same carrier]
  • Carrier column shows empty for some services [due to feeds from same carrier]
  • Deleting Unit of measure and accessorial Columns producing an exception when saving rate quotes
  • AMSFEE and O-COMPF are missing from origin charges table
  • Missing Download PDF, Duplicate buttons & conditional configurations from rate quotes
  • Origin/destination charges not appearing in their tables when combining spot quotes
  • Origin/destination charges should appear in their tables when request from two tariffs (one with O/D charges with dominant fee, the second without O/D charges)


  • Introduce Tenders Audit Trail

    • Same as quotes Tenders version are now shown in an Audit trail where users can revert back to previous version

    • Also we enhance Tenders conversion import notes

    • Specs here


  • Options to represent not supported fees in rate quotes with empty cells instead of N/A [HWL]

    • Add a “Represent not supported fees with empty cells ” flag to rate quote templates which if true will show not supported fees as an empty cell instead of an N/A in rate quotes generated

  • Improve rate quotes All in totals

    • In this feature we have enhanced the rate quotes logic of calculating totals to make sure they allow multiple loads/services price comparison

    • When adding an “All in” total column to rate quote services table it will consider all the fees for a certain service when aggregating the total without discarding any fee

    • Specs here

  • Introduce multiple Insurance Pricings In Insurance Tariff [Fercam & others]

    • Have a new section in the insurance tariff where someone can setup more than one implementation for the insurance based on different requirements called “Insurance pricings”

    • Each Insurance pricing can specify “What to insure: Cost (cargo), Freight cost, Insurance or a mix of these” and the insurance premium pricing

    • Specs here


  • Improve custom quote request email to have the full load details.


  • Add Referral url orders table,  so whenever a new order is created, the referral will contain the url of the website that the user originally came from to our MP sites

  • Add Tariff, Resell tariff and APIs tables to BQ

  • Track shippers who save a quote on MP in Intercom

  • Track shippers who request a custom quote on MP in Intercom

  • Track the signup form in WordPress bin the Events log

  • Events log bug fixes

  • Coverage report optimization

    • Enhance SaaS coverage report

    • Fix automatic coverage reports


  • Scrape CMA surcharges into a spreadsheet from CMA website
  • Support mode column in Origin/Destination lookup tool
    • We have added another configuration input to service type called Service Mode to determine the origin/destination type [Port or Door] per service
    • Specs here
  • Multiple fees/service comments support in FUFs. Please note that the reported bug of ordering the fee/ service comments columns wasn’t resolved and we will be fixing it in W09
    • We allow multiple service & fee comment columns in FUF tables and instead of overriding all comments with the data existing in the last comment column, they will be concatenated automatically
    • Specs here

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the bug of not updating the vendor profile when edited

  • Fix big of not updating FFs reviews on MP

  • Fix the bug of having duplicates in the service comment

  • Fix Resell quote exception [Fusion]

  • Fix the bug of not having special Comments added to the quotes coming from a resell tariff that is not reselling a buy tariff

  • Fix the bug of not creating accounts for shippers on the FF’s site when custom quote request is forwarded through the dealroom

  • Fix the bug of not having the “created by” filter in quotes pages [Fercam]

  • Fix the bug of showing transit time even when some legs in a quote don’t have transit time

  • Fix the exception when combining selected quotes if include origin/destination charges were checked in the QR page [HWL]

  • Fix exception when combining spot quotes [with surcharge tariff fees] into rate quotes [HWL]

  • Change quoting report backend task to Priority1 in order for users to get their “Quoting reports” directly


  • Increase number of MP saved quotes [This also applies for SaaS buy]

    • Change tile on the results page:

      • Replace [SELECT] with [SAVE] which will save the quote directly from the results page without having to open it in a new tab

      • Show [BOOK] button when hovering over tiles on the top right corner of the tile, which will take shipper directly to Complete Order Details page

  • Copy updates on quote request & confirm order copy

    • Confirm Order page – the copy changes are as follows

      • Add “YOUR” in front of company name and full name

      • Add text inside the CONSIGNOR/EE boxes

      • Update the text underneath “Terms of booking & cancellation policy”

    • Change the +972-55-456 phone number to match the 1-855 number in the header



  • Update rate quotes table headers to match spot quote legs table [Hellmann]

  • Use accounts autocomplete throughout Freightos and replace each dropdown list with an autocomplete box

    • Applies to Charts, tables filters, tariffs & resell tariffs pages

  • Start showing insurance premium on spot quote tile breakdown [CEVA FR & all customers]

  • Add HGA airport “Hargeisa Egal International Airport”

  • Add USSXT seaport “Santa Teresa, NM“ [Hellmann & Morrison]

  • Add three new carriers [Morrison]

    • AMASS → code: AMAS

    • Shipco Transport → code: SHTR

    • Carotrans → code: CATR

  • Enlarge “MXP” Malpensa airport Catchment Area

  • New CSS for [Isline]



  • Create an event log warehouse in bigquery

    • Start tracking all users actions in the product and store them in bigquery which will give us answers to product/UX questions and allow us to take data-backed decisions

  • Add sites table to bigquery

  • Fix coverage report performance problems causing large coverage files not to process completely


  • Automatically price CBM charges with min fees

    • Check specs in here

  • FUF preparation utility enhancements [DS staging]

    • Will be shipped on DS staging next week and we will send out full details separately


Bug Fixes

  • Fix ESTES bug of  generating two legged pickup/delivery quote where, pickup delivery should only combine with port to port services and not with each others [CEVA US]

  • Fix countries exclusions from zone circles/LLRs [Hellmann]

  • Fix bug in Tenders files equations causing error messages when downloading customer tender files

  • Fix min/max fees number formatting in tenders

  • Enhance system slowness When loading templates with styles [Hellmann]

  • Fix demo site problem [will get it back once we go live]

  • Fix LinkedIn sign up/in problem from China


  • Business name in the new manual quote page appear as “not available.FR-1613
  • Dominant fee must take in consideration all fee IDs before drop/add it.FR-1615
  • All HTML tags are searchable objects on the new auto-complete. FR-1612
  • Intercom is not working. FR-1610
  • NullpointerException thrown after request a rate quote from specific tariffs [FUF attached] [Hellmann-dk].FR-1596


  • When we update fees on a tariff resoled by a resell tariff the old rate quotes will get the update and email custom method but the custom method will not effect the rate quote.FR-1639
  • Exception thrown in the quote results page after request any quote using IE browser (not for all IE browsers versions). FR-1636
  • JSON Exception thown on the logs.
  • RAM Cache transactions.


  • Sign up users on hellmann sites make them all unresponsive.HD-111.


  • Sign up users on hellmann sites make them all unresponsive.-More improvement on performaceHD-111.
  • Full GC occurs on the environment and the build will be unhealthy after create/edit resell tariff with many accounts (site have more than 1K account).FR-1684.[

Freightos Network


  • Network quoting feature

    • In this feature we are aiming to provide 3PLs, Freight forwarders and enterprise shippers with the ability to request custom quotes online from their suppliers from their selling tab, where they can manage multiple received quotes and send the best option to their customer

    • More details are found in the specs

  • Allow reselling third party rates to Freightos network even when original rates are active in the network too, E.g. Logfret reselling ITG rates




  • Add seaports [HWL]

    • Fish port Terminal (Russia) → code: RUFPT

    • Jiangxi → code: CNJNX

    • Manila North Harbour → code: PHMNN

    • Remove the space from Da Nang → Danang

  • Add Airports[HWL]

    • Debrecen Airport → code: DEB

    • Győr-Pér International Airport → code: QGY

    • Pécs-Pogány Airport → code: PEV

    • Szeged Glider Airport → code: QZD

    • Iaşi Airport →code: IAS

  • Add Pyramid lines carrier with code PDLS [Ceva US]




  • Enhance the internal file styling for cell borders, vertical merge and custom columns

  • Fix system limitation blocking large tenders conversion

  • Fix bug with custom columns appearing under wrong legs in internal file



Bug Fixes


  • Fix users deactivation not updating groups bug

  • Fix company name changes not updating company groups bug

  • Fix the bug of not updating groups when removing users from them

  • Fix bug and showing ESTES rate from a nearby station even when having pickup/delivery rate coverage for the nearest station [CEVA US]

  • Fix exception caused by requesting a rate quotes from city to ports [Rhenus & others]

  • Fix the bug of not being able to access specific rate quotes on [Fercam]

  • Fix the bug in weekly reports received by FFs from agents sites [Fercam & ISLine]

  • Fix week count in reports (W53 is being considered as W1) [All]

  • Fix a bug causing wrong Seller to appear for quotes coming from resell 3rd party tariffs active on Network

  • Fix .xls not supported files in FUF preparation tool bug [DS]

  • Change FUF preparation tool backend tasks priority to P1 [DS]

  • Remove all required fields from the FUF preparation tool [DS]

  • Fix exception when doing a quote request when having a 0 unit of breaks in the FUF

  • Update sites Copyright to 2012-2016

Please let us know if you have any question or feedback.
  • Automate origin/destination lookups in contracts as part of FUF preparation [DS]

    • We will schedule a demo for DS on Sunday

  • Some MP UI updates

    • Results page updates

    • Update MP header

    • Change load tabs orders to show containers as the first tab

  • Change BLR airport name from BLR Bangalore (Hindustan International Airport) to Bangalore (Kempegowda International Airport) [Uniworld Logistics]

  • ESTES integration enhancements [CEVA US]

    • Set carrier code as ESTS for any services generates by ESTES

    • Replace “Minimum Charge” fee code when Estes MIN applies to “Haul” in order to allow us to control markups

    • Drop the 10am service form the results ESTES return

  • Spot quote tiles enhancements

    • Show Price levels on tiles more clearly

    • Show CO2 emissions on tile- for sites that activated CO2 calculation

    • Show hand cursor when hovering over tiles

  • Enhancements for automated coverage report

  • Enhance exceptions email reporting to oncall/dataoperations


Bug fixes


  • Fix quote summary on the new shipping order page [WP/Globerunner/Logfret]

  • Fix unrecognized carrier name not appearing in quotes bug [Multiple customers]

  • Fix JS exception thrown when clicking save while the page still loading [Multiple customers]

  • Disable visitors on Intercom

  • Fix JS exception thrown when unchecking insurance [Multiple customers]

  • Fix JS exception thrown when selecting/highlighting multiple days in pickup date component [Multiple customers]

  • Fix product font when accessing system from China

  • Fix per shipment unit of measure that blocked uploading FUFs [HWL]

  • Fix JS exception when loading specific quote [GAI]