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Terms and Conditions for Freightos Shippers

Buying freight is simple with Freightos. We try to make our legal terms and conditions as simple as possible too. Read on to learn how Freightos works.


These Terms and Conditions apply to a Shipper’s use of Freightos.com, ship.freightos.com, its subdomains and related domains (the “Site”), or partner sites. We encourage Shippers to review these Terms and Conditions and related documents periodically. Capitalized Terms used in this document shall have the definition set out in the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”).

These Terms and Conditions, along with the Freightos Master Services Agreement (“MSA”), are legally binding and cover Shipper’s use of the Site and transactions on Freightos.com. If there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the MSA, the provisions of the MSA shall override.

All charges, Seller-Shipper interactions, and Shipment executions are governed by the SOP. When Booking a Shipment, Shippers enter into a direct contract with the selected Seller. Freightos facilitates the collection of payments on behalf of Sellers, but is not a party to the transaction. All disputes between Shippers and Sellers are governed by the Dispute policy in the SOP, which binds both Shippers and Sellers.

Once a Shipment is booked on Freightos.com, Shippers will be able to view the charges and payment options. This will include the Seller’s Shipment charges, customs brokerage fees, insurance, and the Freightos.com Platform fee. Information about duties and taxes is not included in the Quote and will be submitted for payment once the Shipment is being processed.

Processing the Shipment will only begin once there is financial approval and all Shipment details are uploaded. By clicking ‘Pay & Book Shipment’, a Shipper agrees to the Freightos.com policies specified above.

Welcome to Freightos.com

Freightos.com provides an innovative online Platform that makes global trade frictionless, matching businesses looking for a better freight experience with a global network of first-rate logistics service providers. With Freightos.com you can ship confidently with live freight price comparisons, and enjoy instant Booking and one-stop management across dozens of global forwarders. It’s what makes freight work for over  8,000 importers.

With Freightos.com Shippers can:

  • Compare and book – Instantly compare air, ocean and trucking freight Quotes from 40+ providers with the perfect balance of price, transit time and reviews.
  • Manage and track – Have access to refreshingly easy logistics management with on-demand tracking, live updates and proactive issue resolution from Sellers that Shippers can trust.
  • Get expert support – Shippers can message their Seller on Freightos.com throughout every step of the Shipment process, for questions on everything from documentation to delivery specifics. The Freightos.com team is also available via chat to help with questions Shippers may have about shipping and the Booking process.


Shippers are required to make the payment for the initial freight Quote before a Shipment is processed. When a Shipper books customs clearance services, they must make the payments due for duties and taxes related charges before the cargo arrives at the destination port.

Payments for additional Shipment charges incurred after a Booking is made

Additional charges may be incurred throughout the Shipment lifecycle, in accordance with the SOP. Such additional payments will be made using the payment option the Shipper selected for the Shipment.

Generally, payment for all outstanding additional charges will be due once the Shipment is delivered as specified in the SOP.

Notwithstanding the above, if the additional charges incurred exceed wither 2,000 USD or over 50% of the initial freight Quote, the Shipper will be required to make such additional payments within 1 week of the Seller adding the charge to the Shipment page (Shippers will receive automated notifications of additional charges added).

Failure to make payment for additional Shipment charges within the prescribed time frame may result in the Seller holding the Shipment, causing additional delays and/or costs to the Shipper.

Payment options

Freightos.com offers the following three payment options:

1) Freightos AutoPay via credit or debit card

This payment option allows Shippers to save their credit or debit card information to their account and have Shipment costs automatically charged to that card. When Shippers pay by credit or debit card, they consent to pay for the original Quote and any cost adjustments, as detailed in the Freightos.com SOP. Certain duties and tax payments cannot be done via credit or debit card and may require a different payment method. Duties and tax payments that are paid via credit or debit card incur a disbursement fee of 3.5% on the Platform.

2) Pay with wire transfer or ACH

This payment option allows Shippers to pay via wire transfer or ACH bank debit. Shipments will be processed only once the payment for the initial freight Quote has gone through and appears in Freightos.com’s bank account. This may take up to seven days from the date of transfer. Setting the ACH value date to “Same Day” may help expedite the transfer.

Alternatively, if satisfactory proof of the wire or ACH completion is provided to Freightos.com, the Shipment will be processed imminently, subject to Freightos.com’s financial approval process. Satisfactory proof consists of an official bank confirmation of the wire or ACH completion. We are unable to accept print screens of payment orders on online payment platforms.

3) Use Freightos.com credit

This payment option allows Shippers to pay for their Shipment on approved credit terms. Shippers can apply for credit on ship.freightos.com by clicking the ‘Apply for credit’ button. Freightos.com credit is granted by formal approval letter only. A credit limit and payment terms are advised as part of this approval letter. Credit will only be issued once a Shipper has signed and returned a company stamped copy of the approval letter to the Freightos.com financial operations team. The Shipper’s approved credit limit will then be set on their account and viewable with up-to-date outstanding balances via the ‘Billing’ page.

If a Shipper has applied and been approved for Freightos.com credit, they may choose this payment method when Booking. If the Shipper’s credit account is in good standing and the booked Shipment is within their approved credit limit, the Booking will receive financial approval.

Freightos.com credit

Freightos.com offers credit to Shippers in the U.S., Canada and U.K. only, subject to a formal application process, as available under applicable laws and financial regulations. Freightos.com does not currently offer credit in other countries or territories.

Shipment invoices are accessible directly from ship.freightos.com. A proforma invoice is accessible upon Booking, followed by a tax invoice ten business days after a Shipment is delivered. The Shipper’s approved payment terms begin on the tax invoice date, at which point a Shipper is required to settle owed balances by wire transfer, ACH or SEPA. Credit card and debit card payments may be accepted subject to Freightos.com approval and are subject to a 3.5% convenience fee.

Note that Freightos.com is not obligated to extend credit to any customer and any decision in this respect is at Freightos.com’s sole discretion. Credit and payment terms provided by Freightos.com only cover shipping and insurance premium fees and are not applicable to duty or tax payments. If payment is not made within the approved payment terms time frame, Freightos.com reserves the right to withdraw the approved credit line with immediate effect, pursue legal collection, and report the outstanding debt to our third-party credit agencies. Freightos.com reserves the right to withdraw or revise the approved credit if not used for more than 3 months or for any other reason.

If the outstanding credit debt is not settled within 14 calendar days, the Shipper may be restricted from using Freightos.com again. If the outstanding credit debt is not settled after 30 days, the Shipper’s outstanding debt will be handed over to a collection agent or subject to other escalatory measures. In case a Shipper’s credit line is withdrawn due to payment delinquency, the credit line cannot be reinstated until any and all outstanding debt is paid in full to Freightos.com and the customer completes a new credit application, subject to new evaluation.

Refunds to Shipment payments

Shipment payments may be partially or fully refunded if a Shipment is cancelled (taking into account incurred charges) or its costs are adjusted to be lower than at the time of Booking. Refunds are processed by the Freightos.com financial operations team after a Shipment is closed after delivery, or cancelled. For credit or debit card refunds, a Shipper will typically see the funds deposited in their account within 3-5 business days. For wire refunds, it typically takes 5-7 business days from when the Shipper provides Freightos with their bank details, if not already on file.

Shippers may request to refund a charge to a credit or debit card in order to make the payment using a different payment method. Freightos will process these refunds once the Shipper has made payment with their newly selected card. Shippers will pay a 3.5% convenience fee on refunds made per the Shipper’s request to move a charge to a different credit or debit card. This fee is in addition to all Shipment charges to address fees levied by credit and debit card companies.


If a Shipper fails to pay for Services provided by a Seller, Freightos.com will attempt to collect the debt first by contacting the Shipper. If a Shipper refuses to pay for Services provided by a Seller, then Freightos.com will begin debt collections that could include legal proceedings. Should Freightos.com need to pursue payment from a Shipper for Services provided by a Seller, then Freightos.com will hold the Shipper directly responsible for any costs, damages, and fees that may result from its pursuit of payment.


The regulations outlined in this document and other policy documents are important to all Sellers and Shippers in order to provide an optimal international freight experience on Freightos.com. To ensure this, Freightos.com reserves the right, at its discretion which may differ from case to case depending on the circumstances, to enforce these rules. Users who do not adhere to these rules may be subject to a range of actions, including limiting their use of Freightos.com, suspension of their account, application of fees, and recovery of any expenses incurred in policy monitoring and enforcement.

If a Shipper fails to comply with the Freightos.com terms as detailed in the Freightos Master Services Agreement, this document, or any of the policies mentioned here, or if Freightos.com has received legitimate complaints about the Shipper, Freightos.com reserves the right at its sole discretion to suspend the Shipper’s account or their participation on Freightos.com. This includes but is not limited to payment issues or using offensive language with Freightos.com or Sellers.

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