Freightos Unified Format Templates

Get ready for better freight rate management

Freightos can import freight tariffs in a wide variety of structures for our freight rate management suite of tools, provided they have been formally tagged using Freightos Unified Format (FUF). This page contains a variety of FUF templates. Each one resembles an Excel tariff/contract typically seen for a specific mode, or for a specific carrier, and is already tagged so it may be understood by Freightos.

Simply copy pricing data from one of your own contracts/tariffs/multi-carrier spreadsheets into the most appropriate FUF template. Then import it here.

All Freightos FUF markups are shaded in green and should only be changed by experts.

Click below to download our universal FUF template, which includes all modes in one file. If you’re looking for a specific template, check out the table below.


Download the Universal FUF Template


Mode-Specific FUF Templates

Air FUF TemplatesOcean FUF Templates
Trucking FUF Templates
Generic air single carrier (Lufthansa)LCL tariff single carrier (Vanguard)
Generic air single carrier (British Airways)FCL single carrier template (Maersk)
Generic air single carrier (Delta Cargo)
Generic air single carrier (American Airline)
Generic air single carrier (Qatar Airways)
Air multi-carrier template
Standard IATA eRates template
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