PierPass Fee

What is the PierPass Fee?

The PierPass fee is a fee applied to cargo containers that are moved in or out of select terminals during peak hours at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. 

This charge is part of the Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve air quality by encouraging cargo movement during less busy hours. 

The PierPass fee helps distribute truck traffic more evenly throughout the day, thereby mitigating the environmental impact of port operations.

Why is the PierPass Fee important?

The PierPass Fee is crucial for managing the influx of trucks and reducing congestion during peak times at busy ports. 

By incentivizing shippers to move freight during off peak hours, it helps maintain smoother operations and minimizes delays caused by overcrowding.

Examples of PierPass Fee

For example, a logistics company transporting consumer electronics may opt to schedule shipments during off peak hours to take advantage of lower PierPass Fees, thus lowering the overall shipping costs and enhancing their supply chain efficiency. 

Another example could be a freight forwarder who plans deliveries early in the morning or late at night to avoid the higher fees charged during peak daytime hours.

When do I get the PierPass Fee?

PierPass Charge is used when moving cargo containers in or out of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports during designated peak hours. 

Shippers and logistics companies utilize this charge as part of their planning to minimize costs and avoid congestion during the busiest periods of port activity.

How to get the PierPass Fee

Shippers and transport companies typically register with the PierPass program to access and pay the Traffic Mitigation Fee. 

This registration allows them to schedule shipments during or outside peak hours, depending on their specific logistical needs and budget considerations. The fee is automatically applied when scheduling shipments through the program’s system.

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