Guidelines For Publishing On The Freightos Blog

Interested in guest posting on the Freightos blog? Great!

We’ve worked hard to create an engaged audience, interested in quality material focusing on the intersection of technology and logistics. Top-notch content is what keeps over 100,000 annual readers coming back again and again.

Read the guidelines below if you’re interested in sharing content.


  • Content must be original content of interest to typical visitors to our site (depending on the specific blog, this either means senior logistics professionals at forwarders/carriers or shippers at small and midsize businesses).
  • Readers don’t appreciate a hard sell for products, which erodes trust in both the article and the blog. If it makes sense in the content, you may add one product mention in the article.
  • You’re writing for the internet. Please don’t forget to add links to content that supports the article. Up to two links to your website may be included.
  • You’re welcome to include a 2-3 line bio (up to 50 words) about you and/or what your company does. 

Writing Style

  • We have a colloquial writing style, but you can keep it formal if you prefer.
  • The article must be tightly structured around a clearly defined argument flow. Gently guide your reader, preferably in the second person and avoiding the passive tense. Stick to the flow – no unnecessary backtracking, digression or qualification.
  • In general, articles should be 600-800 words (although helpful guides can be up to 1,200 words). Keeping to structure helps keeps the word count in control.
  • Introductions should be around 75 words, and structured to encourage further reading.
  • Freightos reserves the right to make editorial changes. Don’t worry, they will be submitted to you for approval prior to publication.


  • Images, charts, and graphs are welcome. Please ensure that you have the rights for any pictures submitted.
  • You are welcome to provide one dark toned picture image (1200*600px) that we can add text to and create a title image.
  • You are also welcome to provide a head-shot image of the author.