How An Amazon Seller Reduced Freight Spend

When you order something on Amazon, you can usually get it shipped to you overnight. But for the companies selling on Amazon, it can take three times that long just to get the freight quotes needed to import those goods.

Which drove Steve Crounse crazy…until he found Freightos.

Trekkr Final

Meet Steve

Steve, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, recently started a side project – a hiking goods store on Amazon called Trekkr Campgear. But even though he lives 15 minutes away from one of the busiest ports in the US, importing goods was a nightmare:

If I want to ship a package to New York, it takes me 30 seconds on my computer to do that. I go to UPS, I type some things in, it’s gone.

But if I want to get a package from China, it could take 3 days of screwing around with stuff, different people trying to figure out what the best way to do it is, how to use it, and who’s going to give you a decent price and a decent delivery time….

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watching money float away.

Steve had imported goods from China before, about fifteen years ago…and remembered it to be a complicated process that wasted time and lacked transparency. Reaching out to a few companies this time around, he found that not much had changed.

So he decided that it was time to find something better.

In this day and age it seems to be you can find anything on the Internet if you look for it hard enough. I figured there’s got to be some people out there who’ve got some clever internet-based solutions to this whole confusing complexity of international shipping.

He was right.

Oh, this is just easy”

Steve searched online for instant freight quotes. And that’s where his international freight shipping changed.

I found Freightos, and it was like, oh this is just easy, you know? The information is all there. It gives you a few different quotes and forwarders, different ways of doing things, and so it seemed like it was worth trying a few times to see how it went.

Within a couple of seconds, Steve was able to instantly compare freight quotes from different providers. He booked a shipment…and was so happy with it that he booked another one. And then another. For every search and shipment, Freightos was there to help:

There was nothing that those guys didn’t get back to me right away with. If I had questions about the process or the best way to do something, or whether or not a quote was reasonable…


Forwarder Flexibility

But it wasn’t just about the price of Freightos’ service. The ability to choose multiple providers for each shipment was liberating for Steve:

All of those were just a price thing – they were either the most reasonable or they had the best shipping options.

More importantly, Freightos’ top notch forwarders were there to help. One of Steve’s shipments was booked with Freight Right, for whom Steve had nothing but praise:

Those guys really helped me out quite a bit….they actually provided additional information that was useful to me aside from just getting my stuff from one place to another. They helped me with future shipments, too, and talked me through the customs process a little bit, how I could reduce costs there, stuff like that.

I think this is one of those applications that really can change things – there’s nothing else out there like it that I’ve ever seen. It’s great.
Steve Crounse, Trekkr Campgear

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