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At my last company, importing was a nightmare. And this would have helped.
If you’re smarter now, it’s because of the hard work of the carefully cultivated list of experts that wrote this book, both within Freightos and outside. Every contributing expert was carefully selected based on their company’s role as a top service provider supporting importing entrepreneurs. I strongly recommend taking a look at their websites to learn more.

A special thanks to two of the contributors, Ash Monga (IMEX Sourcing Services) and Renaud Anjoran (Sofeast) for their extra contribution delineating the steps in the supplier process, Also, to Eric Ritchey (Pan Pacific Express Corporation) for reviewing the Amazon Shipping & Receiving Requirements chapter.

Within Freightos, a shout-out to the editor, John Edmonds (who also contributed the chapters on international freight), Etan Efrati, for cherry-picking the experts, getting them on-board, and spearheading distribution, and Amit Tzemach for the layout and design.

There’s more to successful e-commerce sales than importing, but we were forced to keep this specific so things like company management, sales, and marketing were out of scope, while we included others, like sales fulfillment and briefly touched on inventory (because it is integral to explaining direct fulfillment).

For the subjects it cover, this guide hasn’t got everything about importing from China in full detail, but it has brought together everything you need to get started and make a great success of your new venture.

And, so, if there needs to be a final word or phrase … it has to be “Get Ship Done.”

Zvi Schreiber, CEO, Freightos

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Freightos® makes global trade frictionless with the world’s online marketplace for the trillion-dollar international shipping industry. The Freightos Marketplace helps importers and exporters reduce logistics spend and save time with instant comparison, booking, and management of air, ocean, and land shipments from top logistics providers. The result is international shipping that’s as smooth as booking a flight online.
Freightos has accumulated the world’s largest global database of multimodal freight rates, providing industry transparency with the Freightos International Freight Index. Founded by serial entrepreneur Zvi Schreiber, Freightos is a logistics technology pioneer with a worldwide presence, and has raised $50 million from leading venture funds, including GE Ventures.

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