Australia is the 9th largest export economy in the world, with a GDP of $1.3 trillion.

In 2015, Australia imported: $219B of goods
In 2015, Australia exported: $243B of goods

Importing Freight from Australia

A large thinly populated continent with vast distances between resources and population centres, and with vast distances to most trading partners, Australia has long relied on having a strong logistics infrastructure. It ranks 19th on the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index.

It misses out on the top five trade routes, the Australia-Far East comes in 6th with nearly 3M TEU shipped (2013).

One of the top 25 global forwarders, Toll Group, had been an Australian company until Japan Post’s acquisition in 2015. Similarly TNT was once an Australian company.

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Top Australian Export Commodities

Iron Ore $60 billion
Coal Briquettes $37.2 billion
Petroleum Gas $16.3 billion
Gold $16.3 billion
Crude Petroleum $9.1 billion

Australian Import Trends

Ocean Exports from the US to Australia

Ocean Exports from China to Australia

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List of Import/Export Ports in Australia

Port UN Port Code
Port of Adelaide AU ADL
Port of Brisbane AU BNE
Port of Darwin AU DRW
Fremantle Port AU FRE
Port of Geelong AU GEX
Port of Gladstone AU GLT
Port of Melbourne AU MEL
Port of Newcastle AU NTL
Port of Sydney AU SYD

Import Taxes From Australia

  • Goods imported into Australia are classified under the Customs Tariff, and may be subject to customs duty.
  • Customs import entry procedures are based on self-assessment by importers, including self-assessment of the correct classification of goods.
  • For more information on Australia tax laws, please see here
  • For assistance with freight shipping calculations, see our tool here

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