Brazil has a GDP of $2.25 trillion. 

In 2015, Brazil imported: $177B of goods
In 2015, Brazil exported: $191B of goods

Importing Freight from Brazil

The B in BRICS – an association of five major emerging national economies – and now the world’s 9th largest economy, Brazil is experiencing growing pains.

Santos is 35th busiest container port, and the country sits 55th on the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index. But it still struggles with transportation problems. According to the National Confederation of Transportation, 69% of the Brazilian roads are in bad conditions.

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Top Brazilian Export Commodities

Oil Seeds $21.2 billion
Ores $16.6 billion
Oil & Mineral Fuels $13.7 billion
Meat $13.1 billion
Industrial Machinery $11.3 billion

Brazilian Import Trends

Ocean Exports from Brazil to the US

Ocean Exports from Europe to the US

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List of Import/Export Ports in Brazil

Port UN Port Code
Port of Suape Marine Terminal BR SUA
Port of Itagui BR IGI
Port of Paranagua BR PNG
Port of Pecem BR PEC
Port of Rio de Janeiro BR RIO
Port of Rio Grande BR RIG
Port of Salvador BR SSA
Port of Santos BR SSZ
Port of Vitoria BR VIX

Import Taxes From Brazil

  • When calculating import tax for Brazil it is recommended to use the ICMS rate for the state of São Paulo which is 18%.
  • Each class of goods is a separate category which different standards, and are all listed here.
  • As of 2017, the fine for misclassification of goods is 1% of the overall CIF value.
  • For more information on Brazil, please see here

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