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Germany is the 3rd largest export economy in the world.

In 2015, Germany imported: $1.13 trillion of goods
In 2015, Germany exported: $1.41 trillion of goods

Importing Freight from Germany

Germany is a global freight hub, with a vast majority of the global freight forwarders based out of the DACH region. Easy land access to Western Europe, a world-famous highway system, maritime access to North America and a vibrant air hub, combines with Europe’s most industries export industry to create a major global freight player. Germany also consistently ranks at the top of the World Bank’s Logistics Performance review. It’s no coincidence that Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker, DHL and Hellmann all based their global freight operations out of Germany, nor that the German logistics industry has revenue of over 235 million EUR annually.

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Top German Export Commodities

Phone system devices $19.9 billion
Integrated circuits/microassemblies $13.4 billion
Insulated wire/cable $9.5 billion
Lower-voltage switches, fuses $6.8 billion
TV receivers/monitors/projectors $6 billion

German Import Trends

Ocean Exports from Germany to China

Ocean Exports from China to Germany

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List of Import/Export Ports in Germany

Port UN Port Code
Port of Hamburg DE HAM
Port of Bremen DE BRE
Port of Bremerhaven DE BRV
Port of Brunsbuttel DE BRB
Port of Duisburg DE DUI
Port of Emden DE EME
Port of Frankfurt DE FRA
Port of Kiel DE KEL
Port of Lubeck DE LBC

Import Taxes From Germany

  • As an European Union country, importing from Germany to another EU country does not require import taxes. However, if you’re importing to somewhere out of the EU, like the United States, taxes will apply.
  • Import tax compliance responsibility is ultimately on the importing party to be sure to do your due diligence (or have your customs broker/freight forwarder do it on your behalf).
  • Non-EU citizens arriving by sea or air may bring in a total of €430 worth of goods.
  • once you have exceeded the duty-free limit, you will be required to pay sales tax (VAT) of 19 percent in addition to varying customs fee on the value of the item.
  • Germany tax treaty documents government files.
  • More information on duties and taxes in Germany.
  • For freight rate calculations from Germany to your location, check out our freight rate calculator.

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