Russia is the 10th largest exporter in the world.

In 2015, Russia imported: $295B of goods
In 2015, Russia exported: $449B of goods

Importing Freight from Russia

Lack of infrastructure investment following the collapse of the Soviet Union has seen Russia’s logistics infrastructure fall behind other countries, and is now languishing at 99th on the World Bank’s logistics performance index, albeit higher than any other CIS country. The indicator where it performed poorest was the efficiency of its customs clearance process, in part because it does not have general free trade agreements with all of its neighbors.

Despite being the 12th largest economy in the world, no Russian port rates in the top 50 busiest container ports, nor in the top 30 busiest cargo traffic airports. Rapid economic growth last decade saw Russia included as one of the BRICS, an association of five major emerging national economies.

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Top Russian Export Commodities

Crude Petroleum $155 billion
Refined Petroleum $88.3 billion
Petroleum Gas $35.9 billion
Coal Briquettes $12.7 billion
Raw Aluminium $7.64 billion

Russian Import Trends

Ocean Exports from the US to Russia

Ocean Exports from China to Russia

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List of Import/Export Ports in Russia

Port UN Port Code
Port of St. Petersburg RU LED
Port of Arkhangelsk RU ARH
Port of Kaliningrad RU KGD
Port of Nakhodka RU NJK
Port of Novorossisysk RU NOI
Port of Taganrog RU TAG
Port of Ust-Luga RU ULU
Port of Vladivostok RU VVO
Port of Vostochny RU VYP

Import Taxes From Russia

  • Russian customs VAT is generally 18% for nearly all works, goods, and services
  • Limited categories of goods (pharmaceutical products, children’s products, various food products) are all subject to a 10% VAT
  • For more information on Russian customs and tax laws see here.

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